Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scarlett is Never Thirsty

She's dehydrated.

Paper cut? You must mean amputation.

Time to get out of bed? Not until you've had the daily weeping. "I just need to cry before I can get up." Every day.

When the eye doctor told her she needed glasses, she fell to the floor.

Later, instead of trying on some (actually much-needed, bad parent) glasses, she glowered in the optical shop, sitting on the floor in a corner. The wise technician told me to try again later.

We did! That's when we bought the $300 pair of glasses that she- -- "lost."

When she wants to make a point around the house--comment on her discontent over any old thing or maybe request a cookie--she just wails. We all see it coming: the decision and the sobs.

Remember this kid? The one who decided (at three) that she was never going to poop again and then proceeded to prove that point for 21 days and a hospital visit?

Scarlett's latest role at SteppingStone Theatre requires her to cry on command, twice.

She said to me: "Mom, I don't know if I can make myself cry on purpose."

Am I allowed to shake her?

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