Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Look Expensive

I didn't post yesterday because it was 25% off day at ValuThrift. Afterward, I developed a severe case of giddiness, rendering me unable to do anything other than hop up and down or shriek.

Scruffy the dog was highly entertained, having finally found a peer.

Yes, I bought the above Lucky purse for $7.49. A similar tote on their web goes for $188.

Mind you, I shopped at ValuThrift wearing a black full-length faux fur purchased last week for $9.99 and currently on e-Bay for $400.

So I'm in my fur, clutching my Lucky purse (lucky!!) when I spy what appears to be a good quality ski jacket, tags still on. This is a boy's ski jacket, all buttery cream colored with flashes of burgundy. It's actually Scarlett who needs a jacket because she set hers on fire two days ago.

Yes, that story, coming soon. The worst part is that she didn't seem particularly alarmed that her coat was burning. "Oh?"

Anyway, I'm unfamiliar with the coat's label so I call John and ask him to Google Obermeyer. After all, this is another $7.49 at stake. For those who don't know (as I didn't) an Oberbeyer youth ski jacket sells for $169.

I ran to the checkout before someone stopped me for theft.

John wondered: "You have a black purse. Do you really need another one?"

Yes, this one. Duh!


Anonymous said...

Where is this ValuThrift that you speak of?

Minnesota Matron said...

Valu Thrift. Sigh. I get all tingly just writing those words. Santa shops there, too. This is in Sun Ray strip mall, a god awful block of commerce at Ruth and 94, just east of White Bear Avenue. It's a for profit thrift store-and there are clean bathrooms! Coach purses for under $50 are just dripping off the racks and I also got a Vivianne Tam skirt for $8 and a Calvin Klein skirt with the $295 price tag still on it, for $6.99.

I am still happy about that purse!