Monday, November 19, 2007

I Made Stryker Read This

In Sunday's New York Times, this caught my eye: In Korea, a Boot Camp Cure for Web Obsession.

Seems like half the country is addicted to online games, which didn't much surprise. But this did: "It has become a national issue here in recent years, as users started dropping dead from exhaustion after playing online games for days on end."

Dropping dead!!?

So I google "Death from online games" and it appears that people do indeed, drop dead. Exhaustion, dehydration, general foaming at the mouth.

Of course, Stryker had a hard time focusing on the article, which I literally held to his face. Why?

A) Full House was on the television (we own five seasons and this was the really riveting episode in which Michelle loses her memory).
B) He was online, reading about the Game Boy game Zelda and the Phantom Hour Glass.
C) He was playing Zelda and the Phantom Hour Glass on his Game Boy.
D) Green Day's "American Idiot" was streaming (loudly) from the computer.


E) All of the above

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