Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All Male

A couple of years ago, Stryker called me "missy." I told him he couldn't. So he asked if "babe" would be better.

Just a glimpse of things to come.

So today he asks: "The next time I'm over at a friend's house and the mom is making dinner, can I yell 'HEY WOMAN WHERE'S MY FOOD.' And then when the friend looks at me inquisitively, I say, 'oh, can't I talk to the help?' Can I do that one, Mom?"

At least he asked first. And, he did say 'inquisitively.' I love that he imagines that's all the reaction he'd get, you know, a raised eyebrow from his friend instead of the frying pan whacking him on the head.

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Anonymous said...

My boys keep asking for permission to swear. Like you, I'm glad they're asking.