Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hate Mail

No, I haven't gotten any --yet.

But if you haven't checked out Heather Armstrong's web site (on my links), it's worth going to just for the hate mail. The thrill isn't so much the hatred itself, but the amazing things Heather can do in response. She's particularly acedic in replies to the people who don't actually hate her, but write sort of sympathy emails, or the "I worry about your mental health" emails.

No hate mail here, but critique! Commentary! First from a friend who says "you don't understand the concept of blogging." I'm supposed to write more. And just to show you how darn sensitive I am--how utterly reactive--I am instantly composing this post. This also means I am indeed desperate for audience. Infected with need for audience!

And speaking of Heather Armstrong, that link has been my blog's biggest hit! So of course you've already gone there. Is it a compliment when people say "I love your link" instead of "love the blog?"

I better start writing more-- and sharpening that wit. Maybe I should lower that profanity bar.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

See? That wasn't so hard. And now your audience is happy once again.