Thursday, October 18, 2007


Do I get to officially coin a term? Blethic may end up in the Matronly archives, much like 'chicken,' or the term may pave my way toward fame (finally).

John and I routinely use chicken in this sense: "how's your chicken?" That means: "how's the squawking, flapping, needy, greedy, confused mess of mind and emotion?" So instead of "how's your day?" we might inquire about the state of the chicken. Just seems to encompass more of the chaos, at least mine.

So. . . finally, a comment! See post below. I am now thoroughly infused: audience! Hooray! Even if it's a row of one, munching popcorn and scrolling, alone.

Now an audience needs to be fed, coddled, kept happy (or else hate mail?). This is responsibility! Weight!

I find myself feeling a work ethic toward my blog: when was my last post? Was I clever and interesting in the four minutes and 29 seconds my schedule allows for blogging? If there's a work ethic a blog commands -- obligation -- mine feels like a blethic. You heard it here first.

Blethic could also be appropriate blog decorum for visitors or (in my sad case) visitor.

We won't cement the use of the word, quite yet, since it's so early in the lexicon! I would hate to be picky about content and limit blethic's possibilities before it's even fully launched. Yes, I googled the term and seemed to get back something vaguely mathematical, causing the synapses in my brain to immediately misfire.

Having satisfied my blethic for the moment, I can now take four 9 year old girls and one 4 year old with a sniffling whine-drenched cold to the mall. Oh goodie.

The new dog's story will be next. Stay tuned (see me creating sense of anticipation in visitor).


Anonymous said...

Since I am your only audience, I feel I should leave a comment! What is blethic? Is that blog ethic?

Minnesota Matron said...

Hi Audience: Neither despair nor carry the weight! I've gotten private messages from people who read but don't write (come on folks!). So you're not entirely alone and I do take that artistic license. As in 'blethic'--yes, blog ethic! I can't decide if this should refer to the work ethic or posting ethic of the blogger or those who visit the blog. But it has a nice ring to it, hmmm? Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Aah, good! The thought of being your only audience was becoming unbearable, and frankly, knowing how good of a writer you are, unbelievable. Hope you had fun at the mall. Awaiting your story about the new dog.