Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All Things Satan's Familiar

Yesterday, per the Matronly request, Stryker made this Video Tribute to Satan's Familiar.  Please forgive the not infrequent F word in the lyrics.  This is her 7th grader's favored left-wing social protest music.   Not unlike Joan Baez.  (middle-aged mamas, it might help to keep the image of Baez in mind)

That dog can jump FOUR feet.  Really.  No counter top is safe.

The time he spends on two feet, waving those front paws?   About 20 hours a day.  The dance means:  I need Treat or Attention.

However, the Matron has been actually (gasp!)   enjoying  S.F.'s antics regarding the mail.   In addition to attacking letters as they arrive, Satan's henchman has begun hording them!  That's right.  He whips the letter about and then trots it off to a spot behind the couch.  The Matron is hoping he'll learn to recognize Bill and Credit Card Application.

 The last mailman did not like S.F.    Yes.  The dog received a warning!

The current mailman?  Yesterday, the Matron caught a strange glimpse out of her kitchen window.  The postal carrier, bag tossed off, carefuly inserting something awkward into the mail slot.

It was a dog treat.  Two of them, which the waiting Satan's Familiar ate wtih glee.

Friends, the Mail Man?  Was having a blast.  He carefully inserted letter by letter, timing each so that S.F. had plenty of time to reposition himself.  Why, that guy even teased the cloven creature by wiggling an envelope and not letting go.

The Matron is glad somebody loves that damn dog.  . . .  . who is the reigning expert on vomit, (which followed)   poop,    engorgement and escape!  

But maybe he'll solve that credit card bill problem.


Amy said...

I like the music. Does that say something about me? And I have dogs with similar personalities, it provides so much entertainment. My little one attacks the tv anytime there is another animal-real or cartoon. We love to put on Animal Planet when we need to laugh. My other one loves to chase basketballs around and has even been known to get it on his nose. But sometimes they wear me out. They are in crates when we are not home and that has kept the majority of their vomit, poop and other s*&^ in one place. Easier on me. Tell your son he was a genius putting that together. Send to America's Funniest!

Lynda said...

Love SF!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is hilarious! When I was young my best friend's family had a dog that looked just like SF. His name was Patches and he was NEVER let off of his leash. For obvious reasons shared by the breed: a deeply flawed character.

smalltownmom said...

Great video. I love your new mail carrier.

Heather said...

I haven't watched the video yet, but I love that your new mail carrier loves his job. Those are good people.

MJ said...

I like the ending of the video. The music? Well, at least the singer can sing and does some sort of rhythm that makes sense as opposed to just shouting!

Mrs. G. said...

I have a special place in my hard heart for SF. God love him.

Who asked you? said...

Heavy metal hair and a bad boy with a quirky fun loving outlook on life. I love him but glad he's not mine. How do you explain to the credit card companies that the dog ate your bill?

Tammy said...

SF is too funny. I love that your mailman encourages SF's mail obsession.

I think you could definitely send this video to the credit card co's if they question your "my dog ate the bill" excuse.

Anonymous said...

Awesome video. Stryker is a genius. SF? Clearly more brains and energy than absolutely necessary for a dog.