Thursday, August 19, 2010

You're Not the Boss of Me

Perhaps Merrick did not read his letter.

The Matron watched with no small degree of fondness while her youngest devoured a big bowl of ice cream at the kitchen table last night. He licked the bowl. She's sure lice fell off his head into the bowl, but that's another story. He rolled the spoon around in his mouth.

Then he put the spoon on the table and dashed off to play.

Matron: "Merrick, please put your bowl and spoon into the sink."

Merrick: "No! You'we not the boss of me!"

Matron: "Merrick, please put your bowl and spoon into the sink."

Merrick: "I TOLD YOU YOU'wE NOT THE BOSS OF ME" (remember, he's seven).

Matron: "Actually, I am. I am the boss of you. And you need to put the bowl and spoon into the sink."

Merrick, stopped dead in his tracks: "Weally? You'we the boss of me? Weally?"

Matron: "That's right. The parent is the boss. Like any good organization, underlings have input, but I'm the boss."

Clearly stunned by this revelation and contemplating something, Merrick slowly slugged back into the kitchen and dejectedly put the offending items into the sink. Then he fell into the couch with a serious look.

Ten studied minutes later.

Merrick: "Mom?"

Matron: "Yes?"

Merrick: "Is Minnesota pawt of Amewica? I thought I was a fwee man."


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh my. It's starting to look like you will have two kids skipping the SAT and going straight for the LSAT. Two lawyers and one actor. Dang it. This is unfortunate only because it would be nice for you (and me) if one of your children became a doctor, you know, so we could have someone available to run our armchair diagnoses by from time-to-time.


*m* said...

This child slays me. How do you even respond to this with a straight face? Or don't you?

Anonymous said...

I so love the Merrick stories. He's hilarious!

As an aside, I think that professors make the best parents, because we see what happens when children don't have good parenting. I always like having professors' kids in my classes because they're always so darn well-behaved and smart. :)

Jil said...

Love that story!

I told my girls the other day that our house is not a democracy, it is a monarchy. They both looked at me quite funny and then I said, "and I am the queen"! Now that they understood.

You go girl!

MJ said...

Merrick stories are always so fun! I love his lisp! Your explanation was priceless too!

trash said...

You know you have probably planted the seeds right? Be prepared for a campaign that wants to establish 'The Merrick's Free-State'.

I wonder what his currency will look like?

Deb said...

I am at a camp in northern NH next to a family that seriously needs to have the parents tell/remind their children that, "Yes, I am the boss of you!"

Rima said...

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing! (I love that kid!)

nurseknitsalot said...

How funny is your son!!!! He made my morning!!

Daisy said...

My boy (a teenager, so it's not cute) tries to use "freedom of speech" whenever he says something rude or swears. Growl. I told him the first amendment wasn't passed to allow rudeness or profanity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Merrick. A man can only be free if the woman lets him.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I can picture the look on both of your faces--earnest and curious and big-eyed and STIFLING HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER!