Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blethic . . . And a dose of Swine Flu Fever

Yesterday, the Matron had 165 readers.   She adores and relies on each and every one of you!   Some people write for themselves and will write, regardless.  Not her.  She writes for readers.   Knowing her prose actually lands somewhere makes her happy!  

A scultper once asked her if she had to choose what writing brought her, what would it be:  fame or money.

Fame.  No hesitation.

With that, he declared her an artist.  Why?  Because artists want people to engage with their work.  What good does that painting do if nobody ever sees it?  Same with the Word.  That hugely insightful essay isn't making a difference in someone's life if it's just stuck on your laptop.  But post something on a blog or magazine or somewhere-and who knows?!  You just might make a difference --- or brighten or complicate or confuse -- one person's life.

That's why the Matron loves this place so much!   Here's a spot created just for ordinary folk-uh, women--to spill the beans, spread the love or share their wisdom!  A lovely little cyber world where writing can meet reader -- even if it's not mass publishing, there's a ripple in the world, nonetheless.

Anyway, emboldened by her blog's steady upward growth (even though she knows the relationship is now sorely one-sided!  She just hasn't a minute to visit these days) the Matron has decided to add the "followers" widget to her blog, per dear Suburban's advice.  

And if you haven't shuttled over to the Women's Colony, please do.  Trust her.   It's the perfect place for a big piece of pie, unbuttoned pants and a cup of coffee. . . .Wait!  The Women's Colony might be safe from the global pandemic?  The Matron might have to move in.

Just so that Global Pandemic fears never fully leave her psyche, the Matron has secured a site that tracks its progress, death by death!    Isn't she so much fun at parties?!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Glad to follow!

Minnesota Matron said...

Suburban -- does following a blog make it less easy to comment or just the same? Really. the Matron must get out more.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are into the pandemic panic, you will need to know about this: Follow the Swine Fly Pandemic in Real Time with Google maps.

Although it is not truly in real time -- I just read the blog of a knitter in Calgary who said there is a confirmed case there, but it does not appear on the map. Yet.

smalltownmom said...

I see my picture, so I must already be following you. I would follow you anywhere.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I gave you #23. I'm thinking about doing this also.

the MomBabe said...

I don't follow anyone. (to political) but I subscribe. That counts, right?