Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's the Matter with Merrick?

In alll the excitement over HERSELF, the Matron completely forgot to post about Merrick.    Remember how last night he laid on the bathroom rug, all 'wowwied'?  

Well, he also fell asleep around 7 pm.  Unheard of.  

He slogged off to school, as depressed as if he was already had that heart monitor strapped onto his scrawny little chest.  

When the Matron picked up her young man, Merrick's teacher reported that he seemed awfully tired.

The Matron put a hand to cheek.  Fever.

Poor darling!  A three day break and the fever is back.  So back too to the doctor tomorrow.  

The Matron is pleased?  frightened?  rueful?  to acknowledge that she may have reproduced another Alarmist.  Because upon learning about Merrick's downward plunge, Stryker panicked:  "What if it's the Swine flu?  MOM.  Have you HEARD about this.  The SWINE flu is really dangerous!"

There was real fear in his voice.

The Matron remembers being a child/teen, cowering before the unseen horrors of the world, horrors that were real and could potentially harm her -- horrors over which she had no control.  She remembers fearing (sorry some of you) Ronald Regan's hand on the nuclear button, lack of adequate oil, world war wrought by hostage situation in Iran and--and the complete collapse of the nation during Watergate.

M.A.T.R.O. so dated N.

Of course, Stryker would have none of the comfort she immediately swooped up and handed over.   He's a 12 year old boy.  Of course he shrugged and was all "i'm fine dont worry."  But she's still going to dish out extra love and comfort -- for both of her boys! 


kmkat said...

It's almost as hard to be a kid as it is to be a mom.

::searches memory::

No, it's harder. Lots of love for those guys.

Ree said...

Poor Merrick. So much stress for a little body. Lots of love (to all of you)

smalltownmom said...

Hope Mewwick will be OK. That monitow could be a weawwy coow wobot mechanism!

I remember feeling totally fearful after watching two nuclear apocalyptic movies in the 80's: The Day After and Testament.
At that time I swore I wouldn't have children.

Despite that, I had 2.

Let's hope our children make the world a better place.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Sending healing vibes and good juju to Merrick!

Lynda said...

Yep, love 'em up! ((((Merrick)))

Heather said...

It's so good that he voices his worries though! My kids often worry in silence for days before I finally hear about it and diffuse the worry a little.

TexasDeb said...

Here's the deal. If this IS a pandemic it will (typically) come in three waves. The first wave (what this will prove to be if this is indeed gearing up) is always the weakest strain.

Folks who get the first version of the flu are typically protected from getting sick when the second and third stronger waves hit.

So if Merrick indeed has swine flu now he will be fortunately spared the second/third waves as potentially will the rest of you be for living with him.

If he doesn't have the flu then GREAT! He doesn't have the flu! Yay!

WIn/win. There are still more folks perishing daily in car accidents and I am guessing your guys climb into the car without a second thought.

Try watching PBS for news -it is much less sensationalized - and everybody just R E L A X please. Thank you!