Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That Damn Dog

The Matron spent the past two hours searching the neighborhood for Satan's Familiar.

Finally, she tossed in the towel and headed for the van so she could travel greater distances in her daily (at least) search for that damn dog.

Guess what? The man who is unable to move this, forgot Satan's Familiar in the van. Where he languished for nearly five hours!

Yes, now the Matron can search for the dog even when he's not missing. He IS magic, able to suck up all her time and spirit that way.

Now that the Matron's previous post has established her as an utterly unreliable narrator, you may not believe the terrible truth: as she was typing this, she heard Satan's Familiar barking and barking and barking -- from about four blocks away.


But she bought a crate. The problem is that it's hard to see his evil little self in there, all huddling and whimpering. That dog has the Matron on a very special leash.


Hen said...

It's no good - your're simply going to have to find a more reliable way of 'losing' the dog!!!

Bless you for the previous blog - it takes a big person to say they got something wrong, an even bigger one to say that it hurt....a more unpleasant version happened to myself and great friend last year - and the blogger in question never understood how much upset she caused....I'm not even sure she understood how much fiction she had created...but it wasn't nice.

So I'm sending a resounding clap on the back for being so honest!

Jennifer H said...

Two hours? Just long enough to start hoping that he was really, really gone? ...sigh

Heather said...

Oh how I laugh at these posts. But that's because I don't have a dog. That dog is waaay too lucky.

Lisa Milton said...

I'm not allowed to speak of my unloving dog ways. I haven't been blessed with a decent dog in decades, and it shows.

I gotta love you for trying to find him.

Manager Mom said...

awww... it took my dad FIVE YEARS to admit that he loved his new wife's cats.

Those little buggers will get under your skin, fo' shizz.

Angie said...

Your posts about this damn dog are hilarious. It makes me appreciate being in the country and letting our mutts run wild!

The things we do for family pets.

Madge said...

that dog!! that dog is amazing. he's so darn cute too. i hate when they're cute.

also, i'm with hen on your previous blog. the tunnel vision is so easy to get when blogging. sounds like things have worked out and the friendship is intact.

Nora said...

I want to know how evil Satan's Familiar really is. What sort of dog is he anyway and how did he turn out so evil? Did he come by it naturally or is some of this projection?

Now I have to go and read your previous post, I see. I seemed to have missed that one somehow.

Mrs. T said...

This really made me laugh out loud. Makes me reconsider getting a dog....

BTW- thanks for stopping by my blog!

Ree said...

considering my dog gets more of the bed that either me OR Mr. Hot? I have no place to talk.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Jeez! What does a woman gotta do to lose a dog?!