Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Matron: Zen Master?

Many years ago when the Matron was a youngish Miss with two small children, her beloved trunlded her off to Kripalu for some yoga R & R. It was a lovely respite for Beleagured Mother. She participated in downward dog, saluted the sou, bent like a cobra. She attended various lectures on topics like "Loving Kindness To Anger Release" and "Do No Harm" and "Mindfulness Means Peace." Immediately following a particularly poignant "Do No Harm" presentation, yours truly returned to her room only to be bothered by a fly. No - -not the plague, hiccups, or other torture. Yours truly was subject to the buzzing mayhem of a simple house fly. Which meant she was soon screaming about her tiny yogic bedroom, batting newspapers and throwing books at the buzzing menace: "DIE MOTHERF#(%%@%!!!"

 Thus, her true nature was revealed.

 Scroll forward many years and that true nature. Mice.

 Every mouse in St. Paul has decided that the Matron's house will be Winter Resort or Rodent Party. They have descended and they poop. Everywhere. If the fly was a newspaper and book? Here is the Matron's true nature, her mouse demeanor.

  The Battle of Stirling - Braveheart (5/9) Movie CLIP (1995) HD


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ha! I do believe every person has that rage trigger. Mine isn't mice or flies, but this one particular weed infestation that boils my blood. ARGH!

Common Household Mom said...

Oh, no! Screaming and shouting at mice is how I would react, for sure.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

If you need me, I'll be standing on the kitchen table, screaming about mice and guzzling wine with anti-anxiety meds.

When we had a sand flea infestation in our home in El Paso, the bug spray man told me, "The desert is alive." I retorted, "I know, but does it have to live in my house?"