Monday, January 3, 2011

Talk of the Town

That's Merrick.

Today, he goes to school wearing a heart monitor. Yes, this strikes fear in that organ for all parents but the little guy?

He is proud of his status as cardiac patient. Really -- you're seven and you get to go to school fully loaded? Bells and wires attached to your very own body? What's not to love! The apparatus is almost as good as a bullet-proof vest.

Merrick has a heart condition which doctors assure the Matron he will outgrow. She's gotten second and third opinions. He has a premature, irregular beat to his plucky pumper which should just mysteriously go away or require 'a procedure' when he's a little older.

So when he tromps into school in two hours, he's the main event - show and tell, with wires and glue strapped onto his scrawny chest so that the doctors can assess if the condition has stabilized, improved, or worsened. She's here to tell you that it's not better than it was a year ago. The heart still thumps along in a markedly strange way.

But the Matron loves the joy that wires bring out in her seven-year old. The only person happy about his status as a cardiac patient is Merrick.

Merrick: "I'm like Rambo!"

If only he could bring a machine gun to school, his life would be perfect. But then he would probably be in jail.

Send good energy to that little engine that could, the tiny heart sustaining a huge, bountiful life --and the Matron's heart is bound up entirely with this one.


Gail said...

Yay, Rambo-Merrick! Nothing like wires and monitors to make one most important. Meanwhile, Mom, take a deep breath or 3.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Energy sent for all hearts involved.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm so impressed at his spunk--but not shocked to learn how he takes it in stride.

Anonymous said...

Props to Merrick!

And hugs to you. I know your mama heart must be hurting right now.

Daisy said...

A fourth grader came to school in a monitor like this last year. Our only question was whether he could actively participate in our electricity experiments during science. We didn't know if the circuitry would interfere with the circuitry he was wearing!

Dorothy said...

Sending good thoughts Merrick's way!

MJ said...

Go for it, Merrick! Be proud of your heart monitor as some nasty kid will try to bully you about it! Better to be proud than meek in this instance!

As for Matron, I understand your concerns. Things have come a long way since our childhood where children with heart ailments had little hope. Here's crossing our fingers for Merrick!

sue b said...

He is like Rambo and Buddha as well