Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love's Price

Scarlett: "Boc was free, right?"

HWCNBN: "Considering that I'm monitoring fnances in light of my upcoming college costs, I'm glad that Boc was a rescue dog."

Merrick: "Can I have a cookie?"

the now one-year old blood hound cost about $300 at the outset. He has since required two vet visits in four months, totaling --well, a lot.
But the big bank allotment is stolen food and chewed items.

Gone: 1) 50 pounds of sliced turkey

2) Hot chocolate -- if you have to use the bathroom, he drinks everything on the table

3) Merrick's toys -- guns, balls, Leggos -- all gnawed into the belly.

4) Mail. He beats Satan's Familiar for eating envelopes. The postal workers have us on a special list. The federal authorities may soon be investigating.

5) Soup and salad. He's a delicate eater.

6) Not really.

7) Furniture. If there's wood involved -- it's gone.

8) Library books. We're really sorry and will pay all those fines.

9) Satan's Familiar. She never thought she'd see the day when she'd apologize to Scruffy for his discontent. But she's sorry someone tries to chew your head every day.

10) Wooden spoons. It's lovely and inventive that the dog is able to retrieve these from the dishwasher or sink. Speedy skills. But it would be nice to have a spoon or two on hand again.

Favorite dog, ever. Even at $50 a day.


trash said...

Poor old Satan's Familiar.

Our big black dog is now finding out exactly how frustrating and maddening it is to be dive-bombed at speed when out walking with the 'puppy'. The Old Man Dog wobbles along behind smirking and laughing quietly. Revenge really is a dish best served 12 years cold.

kcinnova said...

The next time my husband complains about our "free" cat, I'm going to point him to this post. Actually, I'll point him here when he complains about the upcoming "free" dog, too.

Jil said...

ha! my "free" stray kitty that I adopted this summer has so far racked up a vet bill of $1,000. Yup, a thousand! He is lucky he is cute and funny!

Deb said...

Wait...50 lbs of turkey? Why did you have so much!

That's a lot of turkey! :-)

Susan said...

Our Maggie was a "free" dog too...a free dog who has cost us an arm and a leg in vet bills, and she steals too - but its only been our hearts so that's all good.

Maggie is THE best dog. Ever.