Saturday, July 3, 2010

Did She Mention She's on Vacation?

Yesterday, the Matron introduced Merrick to New York City. He was completely befuddled.

Merrick: "Is thewe a faiw somewhewe?"

He couldn't get over the body to body sidewalk flow. But the Matron was happy because he willingly (desperately) held his hand all day!

Yesterday was FAO Schwatz (Merrick: "Thewe is nothing to BUY hewe"), American Idiot on Broadway (for the big kids) and a night at the Waldorf-Astoria for everyone. Yes, she had a 'coupon' for the latter.

But in the midst of vacation-festivity and relaxation - the Matron goes to bed with night sweats.

* Two out of four classes require prep (reading, tests, syllabus, everything) for fall. Folks, it's a lot of work.

* New degree program at her college and guess what? She's THE department in the brand new Gender and Women Studies Department. Uh, and who's going to plan all that?

* Two new bosses: new Dean and college President

* OMIGOD. A book contract means you have to write a book. She has one. Must write book.

* After three callbacks, Scarlett did not get a part in the Children's Theater's holiday production. Hard.

* Stryker didn't get into the high school of his choice (lottery is how it's decided) and the Matron is examining all angles.

* Merrick can barely read.

This is how she spends her vacation, post-11 pm, nightly.


MJ said...

It seems I am following behind you with an overwhelming workload (plus pressure to go out and market to bring in more work ~ did someone say I had to be a rainmaker?) Here's hoping our summers are long enough for all we have to do!

Your NY visit sounds fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You are so real.

jenn said...

There nothing like the relaxation of vacation to throw all the daily stresses into high relief! Try to enjoy, and file those worrying bits under "Deal With Later."

Daisy said...

Hugs to you. Here's wishing you a good night's sleep - more than once.

Deborah said...

It seems unfair to pick one issue out of your sleepless nights but...

A Lottery?...for High School?
We have schools here who filter by geography if their enrolments seem likely to overflow.
You have to come from one of their feeder primary schools, or live within a set distance.

Sounds like a sad way to separate peer groups....and friends.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oof. I think the DWL file is exactly where a lot of this belongs until you return from your tour of the east coast!

Jocelyn said...

Huge congrats on the book contract! Well done, Woman.

You can do all this. You can. It's that whole one thing at a time business that's so hard, when you just want it all done right away. Once you start the class prep, it's exciting, right? I love designing a new class...once I make myself get going on it, that is. Now enjoy the city and the events...oh, and prepare for the big block party while you're at it?

Sydney Shop Girl said...

Hello Minnesota Matron

I've just discovered your blog through Mrs T's.

Congrats on your book contract.

Take care,

SSG xxx

Susan said...

Wow! How do you send your brain on vaycay?

Sounds like everyone needed that nice trip...sorry about the set-backs.