Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Her Feet Are Killing Her

The Matron and various family members (except Merrick) have spent two days walking through New York. Her whole body aches -- we're talking 8 or 9 experiential moments every day.

Today, her laurels were allowed to rest for 2 and 1/2 hours during Wicked!!

The Matron had permanent goosebumps once the singing started. She immediately suspended disbelief and was all: "OMIGOD."

Scarlett was much more technical: "Mom, I think the mic sound is a little obvious. And did you see that costume change? Both changed within 45 seconds, which means they had at least three people helping them. You just stand there with your arms out and people dress you. Did you notice that you can see the chords for the flying monkeys if you trace the line from their back to the ceiling? I don't think that's good. The original cast members were better."

This from an 11 year old who (among other accomplishments) recently had a title role, a 45 second costume change and three helpers herself -- at the most renown children's theater in the country.

Notice how the proud mother managed to work that into her blog post. She's so efficient that way!!

But the best moment of all -- when the Matron knew the day was a success?

He Who Cannot Be Named, who hates all things theater said: "That didn't suck. If I had to see a play other than American Idiot, it might be this one -- mostly because it didn't suck."

A win!


smalltownmom said...

I've dragged my whole rock and roll family to Wicked and they loved it. Love your daughters professional review.

Is HWCBN going to see American Idiot? I wish I'd gone to the previews in Berkley...darn that faulty getting my ass in gear mechanism.

Minnesota Matron said...

Yes - John, Scarlett and Stryker are going to American Idiot tomorrow night.

Super fun!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

High praise! "It didn't suck." From the lips of a pre-teen, that means a lot.

Daisy said...

We saw Wicked in Chicago - it was my brother's fourth time seeing the show, and he proclaimed it the best. I hope Scarlett enjoyed it, despite her inner knowledge of the backstage details!

Wenderina said...

Wicked! Wicked! Wicked! Did you hear the rabid fans who sing every note from the audience too? I was amazed at these people who come repeatedly. What kind of job do they have that allows that expense? I did love it, though. What a fun show.

Susan said...

High Praise indeed. Looking forward to the next review. "Green" with envy here.

SUEB0B said...

I don't see musicals because I object to ruining a perfectly good play with singing, but I do have this to say: we used to call my old boss Elphie. For Elphaba.