Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Day in Numbers

Today, the Matron realized the following:

* Five weeks until the new school semester starts

* Two new classes to develop

* One new degree program to manage

* One person in the Gender and Women Studies Department and that would be? Best guess and relates to that new degree program
* One BOOK TO WRITE in three months (and under contract!)

* On Saturday, July 17, her oldest -- He Who Cannot Be Named -- will be 14, officially at 7:42 a.m (after 37 hours of labor but that's an entirely different story)

* The Matron herself has been on the planet for 47 years. This makes her nearly dead, a grandmother and a new mother 100 years ago (before birth control and education for women)

* Twenty-seven spiders in the house

* One dog capable of eating half a pound of string cheese when anyone's back is turned for ten seconds

* Three children whose lives require car commitment and time management

* One big love who still sleeps by her side and is 100% supportive

* Seventeen bricks in the retaining wall requiring -- uh, she doesn't know what they require. They're just falling apart

* One life and an entire universe lost in the course of history -- most everyone's fate

Still on the same page as yesterday. . . . wistful.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That talk about the new semester starting was just harsh!

I guess you're doing a lot of writing in a parked car.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I am looking forward to the grandmother gig. I am not looking forward to putting my college-bound son on an airplane and sending him off on his own next month.

Daisy said...

The new semester is only five weeks off? Hush, you! I'm still planning summer fun.

Anonymous said...

"car committment" that's my life! Today alone, just for the edification of 2 of 3 children, I spent 3 hours driving to and from various practices.