Monday, June 28, 2010

View From the Road

Driving to New Jersey, through several states.

Scene from the mini-van.

John, driving, with iPod and music.

Matron, ear-buds and iPad, watching Breaking Bad. This is her latest extremely guilty pleasure. The iPad? He Who Cannot Be Named received this as a gift from the Matron's 'baby' brother after Stryker's appendectomy. They are en route to said brother and his large, beautiful family.

Scarlett, iPod, listening to Glee.

Merrick, iPod, playing some kind of game.

He Who Cannot be Named (now referred to has HWCN), iPod and DS.

HWCN: "I know a DS is completely regressive, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Plus, I can't wait to destroy my cousins when we arrive."

And the Matron's take away moment? Not that everyone is plugged in and barely talking, but that HWCN uses 'nonetheless' in casual conversation.

And actually, he has given the Matron creative license on blogging during the family vacation.

Up ahead? Being the the audience for David Letterman, Wicked, American Idiot, Behind the Emerald Curtain and Life With Family (the last event not syndicated, televised or known beyond this blog).


kcinnova said...

My 17yo (Encyclopedia Blue) speaks very much like HWCN.

My husband insists on traveling with audio books for the entire family. At least 2 kids end up ignoring the story and plugging into iPods instead.

Anonymous said...

Have fun! Jealous-drive safely.

Stephanie S.

MJ said...

The glorious sound of silence that must exist in your vehicle as everyone is plugged in. Glorious!

Anonymous said...

Pleasant travels in my Garden State. And may the Family drama be kept to a minimum. HWCBN sounds like The boy formerly known as Shaggy Haired Boy. We now call him "Buzz"!!!!They never cease to shock and amaze! May all find something pleasant and enjoyable in your trip!

Sue said...

Welcome to Jersey! What exit? I hope you enjoy your visit! :D