Sunday, June 27, 2010

Road Trip

The Matron forgot to mention that she is currently on an epic family journey.

Here's what's transpired, thus far, as much as sheer movement goes:

Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania --where the family is right this very moment chilling at a Hampton Inn. Oh, the take away? Five states but they just started at 7:30 YESTERDAY.

Although nice blog material might be about bickering during 12 hours in a van, they were awesome Merrick got visibly punchy -- as in practicing for meth addiction -- around 7 each night, but otherwise, all was good.

The end goal? Tomorrow, they land in New Jersey to visit the Matron's little brother (oh, not so little as age drums on) for seven days and spend three of those in NYC for two major Broadway shows (Wicked and American Idiot), a tour of Wicked called "Behind the Emerald Curtain" -- guess who's going to that and it wouldn't be Merrick or Stryker --- and a once-in-a-life-time stay at the Waldorf Astoria!

Matron's couple of lovely take away moments on the trip?

Matron (from Wisconsin): "Hey everyone! Look at this amazing farmland?"

Merrick: "Do they have this in Amewica?"

Matron: "Merrick, we're in America."

Many hours later. . .

Matron: "Wow, you guys, look at these hills and this greenery --the cows, the horses, the bucolic expanse (okay, she never ever used the phrase bucolic expanse but you know what she means).
Merrick: "Do they have this in Amewica?"

Matron: "Merrick!! This IS America."

More later.

Matron: "Kids--check out this amazing forest and these valleys! What a wonderful, awe-inspiring landscape, the kind that makes you know something bigger than you alone exists."

Merrick: "Is this Amewica?"

Matron: "Merrick -- for the last time, this is all America. That's our country and everything we visit is in it, at least for this trip."

Merrick: "If you mean God, I don't think that's just Amewica but the wowld."

Okay, then my love . . . . but yes, when you're in South Dakota, you're still in the USA.

Merrick: "Can we stay in a hotel again? I LOVE the hotels? Can you live in them when you gwow up?"

At least he's verbal and enthusiastic.

More from the road as it happens. . .


Anonymous said...

Do all the kids have electronic gadgets and perhaps headphones? seems like that could cut down on the bickering in the car.

smalltownmom said...

We love hotels too == we're in one right now!

Deborah said...

How lovely...these sort of trips are the memories and milestones of a family.

....and Wicked would be...wicked!
The Australian production comes to Brisbane in Jan 2011...and I am already waitlisted for tickets!

Deb said...

Still a fond memory in my family, from all the long distance car rides. "He put his breath on me!"

I would love to see Wicked and backstage, too!

JFS in IL said...

I LOVE me some road trips! We did the Illinois to Yellowstone via Iowa/Nebraska/Wyoming/South Dakota Minnesota circle, then a few years later IL. through IN, Ohio, Penn., Maryland, DC, Virginia, N. Carolina, Kentucky etc. another big loop. Did I mention I LOVE road trips? Planning, driving, the works.

I am having road trip envy of you now!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm giggling just thinking about how you could MESS with the poor kid! "NO, now we're in Germany." "Nope, now we're in Brazil!"

Maybe Merrick will be a rock star and get to live in hotels someday...Road trips...good times.

Jen on the Edge said...

My kids usually ask "Are we still in Virginia" about five minutes after we pull out.

Thank goodness my girls are past the stage of needing to be entertained in the car. Each has her own iPod and Nintendo DS and I'm perfectly happy if they tune out for a while.

kcinnova said...

NYC will be terrific! With all the talk of America, perhaps you should see West Side Story? Or at least play the soundtrack on this epic journey?

Daisy said...

I imagine you were passing by my neck of the woods as he was asking "Is this Amewica?" Yes, dear Merrick, Cheeseheads live in America, too.