Thursday, May 20, 2010


Is not a bad idea.

Let's just note that the young teen on this chemical has evolved into the picture of civility, gratitude and decorum.

Can we buy this in boxes for breakfast?

Your dear Matron apologizes for the short post, but she has a book proposal due tomorrow evening and has spent five days sitting beside He Who Cannot Be Named.

The recovery, friends, has been slow.

The Matron remembers having her appendix out and snapping up like Superwoman to attend to the children.

But then, she's not a man.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Thinking of you, dear. And hoping, for his sake and yours, that HWCBN has a speedy recovery.

Professor J said...

I'm sending positive thoughts for the book proposal and the healing boy. (and for your upcoming oral surgery).

Anonymous said...

I saw this today and thought of you.

E in MN

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Heh. Funny how the humbled and bedridden man becomes a wonderful creature to live with;) good luck with your book proposal!

Minnesota Matron said...

Wow - E-- that warehouse is amazing! I'm definitely going to check this out. Thanks for the tip, as this sounds just like my kind of place!

Suburban Correspondent said...

Ah, but now you leave us wondering - what book proposal? Fiction? Non-fiction?

Daisy said...

Sending positive thoughts your way - for you as much as for He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Minnesota Matron said...

Non-fiction book solicited by a very good publisher. They asked me to write for their Health Care Series and this book is on being one's own advocate within the health care system. I'm almost done!