Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Minute You're Auditioning for a Scorsese Movie, the Next Minute, You're Not

Yes, this happened to Scarlett. One minute, she was being instructed in all things British accent for an audition for a Martin Scorsese movie and the next?

Damn. They picked a girl with an AUTHENTIC accent -- a 12 year old from England, of all things.

Scarlett: "Well, Mom, of COURSE. Doesn't that make sense?"

Kids change monthly. Here's a taste of the new head shots for the 2010-11 theater season. Scarlett has one show lined up (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the best theater in town -- theater friends who are reading this know how amazing this place is) and auditions ahead for the rest.

Scarlett didn't go to L.A. for pilot season. Her choice but also what the parents were hoping she would pick (because the parents decided 'not yet').

She has a lot looking good locally. She's happy. And has slumber parties, birthdays, outings, book reports, projects and regular kid-stuff ahead. Along with many auditions.

And she's happy.

BUT don't even get the Matron going about the agony of conversing with parents at auditions. . . happened today and she might need FOUR martinis to recover.
Yes, yes, yes .---your dear Matron is a Stage Mother. She wants her children to succeed and she's not aiming for hypocrisy. She's all happiness about Scarlett's journey and is thrilled/proud when Scarlett gets the shows SHE (not the Matron) wants.

But at least the Matron has personal goals that don't include her children (hello? they're separate humans with their own lives/desinties that have NOTHING TO DO with the parents) reads the newspaper and can converse about something other than her children. Health care? War(s)? Careers? Let's get desperate: knitting? (sorry K).

Uh, for yesterday's auditioning parental pack, guess not. Lord help her over the next few weeks as the theater season gels.


Middle Aged Woman said...

MUST have reading material, and a notepad so you can record what the crazy people say and share it with US. Think of yourself in this instance as an ethnographic researcher, immersed in the culture for purposes both academic and snarkified.

jenn said...

Beautiful head shots! I particularly love the second one.

I hope you took a book to while away the audition time ... conversation sounds deathly boring with that pack.

Anonymous said...

omg, don't talk about knitting, for heaven's sake ;) Love Scarlett's head shots; in the third one I see a young woman, not a child. Congrats on her latest venture at the shiny big blue building by the river! And I read your parenthetical as "...humans with their own lives/intestines..."

racheld said...

OH, Yes. May we have some MORE, please?

Of the crazy conversations and even crazier behavior amongst the waitin' for the auditions parents.

And I'm trying to think which character Scarlett would portray---she'd make the little No-Neck Monsters into such believable people that the audience would love them in spite of.

But someday, Hon. Someday.

Those are Maggie eyes looking out of those pictures---she'll be sensational.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

*snort* Figures Scorsese wants to go all "authentic."
Who needs him?
Not her!
She's got the world by a string!

Jen on the Edge said...

I love Scarlet's healthy attitude -- both now about the Scorsese thing and back when the pilot in L.A. was a possibility. She sounds like a totally well-adjusted kid, which says a lot about how she's been raised. Good work.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

But who among us, but Scarlett, can say, "Yes, I think that was around the time I was up for the Scorcese film."

For some reason I'm only getting half the photos, but they look great.

Midwest Mom said...

It's good that you can separate your self and your success/goals from hers. I think it messes with kids' brains a little when they don't see their parents as masters of their own destiny. Kids are smart, and bearing the burden of Mom's happiness is too much pressure for any child.

Of course, little league is starting this week for my boys... So I'll be in a similar situation soon enough.

Reading material, you say?

- Julia

Mary said...

You know, Midwest -- it's really the same: Little League, Theater, dance -- all about competition. Hopefully between KIDS and not their parents : -)

Daisy said...

Keeping your balance must help you stay sane during the Stage Parent Talks as your children audition. :) Scarlett looks lovely in the head shots. Truly lovely!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Mary, she's just lovely. Lovely! And so smart, talented, and charming. Watch out world!

dkuroiwa said...

The more I read about your Scarlett, the more I REALLY want to come and see a show and meet this amazing young woman in person (and then I can say, "ah, yes, I knew her when she was younger", you know...when she gets those big roles!!)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? one of my faves...i may be there sooner than originally planned!!
and yes...please...take notebook and pen and put to paper all that happens around you....we love reading it!!
those headshots are gorgeous!!

Hay said...

fantastic headshots. The second to last one is breathtaking.

laurie said...

So...I was kind of taking for granted that Cat was going to be (as KMKAT said) at the "shiny big blue building by the river".

But it says they're doing Streetcar...

Are we talking different theaters?

Minnesota Matron said...

Laurie -- Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is at Torch Theater, which is the hippest, most cutting edge theater in the Twin Cities. Scarlett has indeed done a show at the big blue theater by the river and they are doing Streetcar. One of the actors from Streetcar is the artistic director at Torch. If Miss S. doesn't get into a holiday show for which she just auditioned, she'll give a stab to Christmas Carol at the Guthrie. Who knows!?

Anonymous said...

Was this audition for "The Invention of Hugo Cabret?" Which role?