Tuesday, August 18, 2009

History Lesson

The main curricular thrust: It is all her Fault.

As the Matron was coming upstairs after running some errands, midmorning, she asked John if Scarlett was awake . . . as in from the night before. He said, "I wanted to wake her but didn't because I thought you wouldn't want me to."

Hmmm . . .the Matron sees that she is calling the shots even when she is not around.

Gingerly (because God only knows what will happen next) the Matron roused Scarlett who screamed, "It's 10:30! How can you wake me up at 10:30!" She had no alternative time line. The Matron was simply erring. (but did she mention that they are trying to fix the midnight bedtime problem with this one?)

Later, the Matron and her offspring happened to get stuck in traffic. As in jam, accident, the whole catastrophic event. Stryker ranted and raved: he had computer action to tend to. There was craigslist to peruse, e-bay to haunt, new hulu offerings every instant. But here HE WAS STUCk -without wi-fi---in a minivan.

Stryker: "WHY DID YOU GO THIS WAY? Couldn't you have picked a better route?!!"

A student from her online summer class sent her a message, complaining that her (poor) grade was the result of a semester that was, in sum, "super confusing." It appears the Matron was confusing this poor student all summer long, but was just notified of her sloppy teaching when that C arrived.

Grandma Mary called to complain that her dog had recently become sort of yappy and unpleasant: "She picked that up at your house, you know."

Considering the day, the Matron is going to have a wild good time tonight--she'll tally her carbon footprint and then catalog everything she owns made by starving children!
Because it is all her fault.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Bumper sticker for the minivan:

If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

SUEB0B said...

It's ALWAYS mom's fault.

Professor J said...

I'm glad to know whom to blame.

Becky said...

So you're the one! I'm glad to know who has been effing everything up around here.

And now I'm hearing the public option for health care reform is dead. Thanks for that, Mary.

Michele Renee said...

Matron, in all seriousness, please tell me that your son is not able to peruse craigslist. It is great for buying and selling furniture but with the click of a button you can be in the middle of a forum about sex, what type, when, etc, and under personals you can find photos more blatant than what you can imagine. Here is what is happening under just one area of personals in just one area of the country. Be ever vigilant of our children and their access to a computer. Maybe you have it blocked--but when I read craigslist I had to say this. It is free and it is great for things we can buy or sell as adults.


Minnesota Matron said...

Yes, Michele-- I dropped a line on your blog but the rule is that a parent must ride shotgun while cruising craigslist. So while he's on it and shopping (and swapping) it's all with adult supervision and discussion -- including why some might be dangerous or inappropriate. One more job for the parental units!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Then again you get all the credit when things are great, right?

Yes, I'm joking.

JCK said...

I certainly hope that you treated yourself to some alcoholic goodies this evening... Yikes!

Susan said...

I swear this must be something in the cosmos - I have had a similar sort of day - can say, do or make anything right...it's not just you!

Michele Renee said...

Thanks for the note--two nights in a row of middle school open house, etc., and everything else in my life 24/7 has me slammed these days.

jwill9311 said...

nice post