Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, Meditation

Art, inspiring the Matron yet again. Here's to harmonies in our lives, all sort.


MidLifeMama said...

Thank you for this! I had the chance to see Bobby McFerrin a long time ago, and what is so wonderful about him, besides an extraordinairy talent, is how he gets the audience to participate by tapping into our collective unconscious, remembering things we don't even know we knew. We sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the theme from Wizard of Oz with him.

Queenly Things said...

Once saw a live performance where Bobby McFerrin opened for Robin Wiliams. At the end of the show they came out together and made amazing music together. Geniuses, both.

racheld said...

This was just magnificent!!!

I'm glad MLM mentioned the singer's name---I didn't recognize him after all these years.

Thank you so much for this wonderful way to wind down a Sunday, tuck it in, and send it to pleasant dreams.

Anonymous said...

I love Bobby McFerrin, not only because he is a musical genius, but because he cares. He came to the inner city K-8 public Montessori school that my boys went to (Seward Montessori, at 27th Ave So & E. 25th St., just a few blocks south of Franklin Ave) and did a lecture/concert in the gym with the kids sitting on the floor all around him. The student population of that school has a lot of white yuppie puppies because it is a magnet school, and a high minority population because it is an inner city school. It was awesome to see those kids drink in his music and talent.