Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Like a true slave to the Word, the Matron was listening to talk radio on her morning run when she heard this father and son team.   Stephen and Isaac Yoder write about money--from angle of father and son, respectively, for The Wall Street Journal.

While listening to this very funny and astute duo, Idea dropped from the sky and knocked her over.  A really, really good idea.  You know, the kind that make your body light up and blood glow?  

The Matron would write write a book chronicling her son's thirteenth year -- with Stryker!   Together, they would offer their differeing perspectives on technology, screen time, privacy, dating, art, politics, religion, college -- the issues that engage and occupy that thirteenth year.  The book would consist largely of the Matron's essays, but these would frame Stryker's original thoughts on his mother's parenting, his life and life of a young person, in general.  

The Matron thought it a VERY fine idea!   Sort of like the blog, only longer!  And what a rich experience, mother and son, to delve into Philosophy and Prose so deeply.

The beauty of this idea allowed her to soar home, happy.  Even the four times she fell over Satan's Familiar didn't phase her (why does that damn dog just stop right in front of her for no reason at all?!).

She couldn't wait to tell - ask--Stryker.   Well, pitch the idea.  It all hinged on him.

That night, she plied him with pizza and extra time online.  When her child was sated and grateful, the wily Matron outlined her Plan.   Including the trump card.  If the book made any money?  They would split it down the middle.  Stryker would get half.  

Matron:  "Whaddya think!?"

Stryker:  "No way."   And then he laughed.  He would have none of it.   Indeed, he vehemently -- ardently -- deconstructed and destroyed the idea, right down to the very last chapter.  

That was six week ago.

Ever since, the Matron has been bringing up the subject of this book whenever she has the chance.  Particularly, she has found a way to introduce said project in front of the adults her son admires, like his algebra teacher.

Algebra teacher:  "Wow! That is a genius idea.  Stryker, man.   You're gonna be able to bankroll my comic book habit."

She is shameless.   In the face of an expensive electronic advertisement, she says:  "If we wrote that book there's the possibility that you'd have money for something like that."

Billboard with an airplane?  "Wouldn't a national book tour be incredible?"

After a steady diet of this pitch, on Monday, the Matron received this gift.

Stryker:  "Mom.  You know that book idea that you mentioned awhile back?  I've been thinkingi about it and I'm really willing to do it.  I think we absolutely should."


There is a Jesus!  He can join Allah-Buddha-Oprah-God-Universe on the list now! 

Yesterday, the Matrom emailed the idea to the literary agent she hopes will represent the book, just to make sure the idea wasn't Suckification, disguised.

It is not.  The agent approved the idea but warned that it's all in the delivery.   The writing itself.  So the already always anxious Matron is now Nerves Incarnate as she considers the start of this book.  

The agent wrote:  "Send me a few chapters as soon as you have them."

No problem?  Stryker turns thirteen on July 17th.  Today, she starts writing.  This will be her THIRD agented book (the other two, novels), friends, and nothing yet published.  

Third time's the charm?!


Anonymous said...

Oh, most excellent! Good luck! Have fun! (Sorry, gotta go, no more exclamation points in my box.)

Amy said...

Good luck-into the "Hell" that is teenager-ness. I would love to read the book.

Anonymous said...


While the premise seems somewhat different, there appears to be some similar strains that made me think of a particular book. Entitled "The Film Club: A True Story of a Father and Son" by David Gilmour, it examines parental love and the many challenges of raising a boy through the prism of shared film experiences.
I wish you all the best with your endeavours.

Becky said...

That does sound like a great idea! And it seems like the cultural spotlight is trained on the difficulties of raising boys these days. Rock on!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Go forth and be writers of fun.

Mrs. G. said...

Oooh, a new creative project. I sounds wonderful. The third time IS a charm. 500 words a day sister.

MJ said...

Sounds fab! Just tell Stryker that this is the way that he can create his "Stryker" name only identity ~ just like Madonna, Rhiannon, etc!

Tammy said...

Love it!

Heather said...

I think it sounds like a great book! Can't wait to read it.

Professor J said...

What a great concept! The third time is definitely the charm!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Reserve me a copy.

Anonymous said...

You rock! I am so in line to buy this book.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck!!!

Saucy said...

It sounds like a fine idea and the perfect opportunity for Stryker to drop the surname and venture forth as a co-author but with a single moniker. We shall see.

Alison said...

Um, fourteenth year.

Jen said...

Consider one copy already sold!

Daisy said...

Good luck! Amazing that the almost-teen agreed. But then again, you worked him over pretty darn well.

Ree said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I have a feeling I'll be buying this one.

Kate Hanley said...

The idea sounds fabulous. What an amazing way to connect with your child. Can't wait to read it.

Minnesota Matron said...

Interesting! Thanks, Anonymous. Someone told me there's a book titled "Twelve" with a similar premise. I'm off to investigate that right now!