Monday, April 6, 2009

Worst Possible Parental Plan: Blatant Comparison of Children

Last week was the school district's annual April Fool's joke:  Spring Break.  What a bad idea!

The Matron is concerned that she is producing future research for Leonard Sax, who argues that boys, as General Group, aren't as successful as girls because the former are awash in all things Game, Screen, and Video -- as well as dripping with unecessary ADHD medication and estrogen-laced food.   His main five culprits are summed up here.   

Spring Break for Stryker was Opportunity to Lounge in Front of Screen.  Period.  When said enjoyable activity was threatened with cessation in anyway--like that inconvenient eating thing or the totally untenable shower or dreaded actual real time conversation--Stryker suffered complete psychological collapse.  Only return to screen was restorative.

Merrick wore his footie pajamas the entire week.  Let her pause here and note that this is not a fictive moment:  Merrick.  never. left. his. jammies.   That's how motivated he is.   Why did the Matron get an image of the beer can and gut whenever she saw him, flopping around on the couch and moaning for more TV.

On the other hand would be the comparison, which would be Scarlett who toiled at the theatre.  And yes, the Matron is apt:  toil.  Rehearsal Tuesday through Friday, 12-9 another 9 hours on Saturday and five on Sunday.   With no complaining. 

While the boys entertained (themselves) at home.  

Of course, one child has found her passion and because Merrick is only six, the Matron still holds out hope.   And don't get her wrong -- Stryker is awash in A and Award for Excellence of all sort.  
She just wishes the screen didn't have such appeal.

Of course, in her attempt to live in a constant state of heightened irony, she is blogging this, cuddled on the couch next to Stryker--watching 24.  With a laptop in front of her.



smalltownmom said...

If he's as brilliant as he seems and is getting A's, I say he deserves an idle break.

I don't think boys are hopeless yet. Ernest's 7th grade algebra class has dwindled down to 12 students...2 girls and 10 boys. And although Ernest plans a couch-potatoing spring break this week...he also has major plans for accumulating volunteer hours at the zoo this summer...

The 18 year least he's in the same room with us tonight. I try not to compare. Because things can change a lot in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say Have no guilt, my oldest girl had a schedule like yours. Serious competitive dance, head drum major, plays, needed more hours to add more activity. Second girl wanted TV and fried food - now graduating with honors and going to turtle research in Virgin Islands. All turn out well with lots of love!

Jocelyn said...

OH, Merrick needs my Niblet (he and his footed jammies declare a Pajama Day anytime possible).

You know, I, too, have been inculcated into the "screens bad for kids" view.


I grew up with the tv on all the time. All. the. time. I read voraciously, earned all A's, got into a great college, and then sat at college at wrote excellent papers in front of Chuck Wolery on Love Connection and then spent my twenties living a very full life in front of tv, computer, and movie screens--while also traveling and writing and loving.

Possibly, then, screens are just companionship. They are a thing of constancy, a thing that's there, as a backdrop to some very real stuff.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Spring Break is definitely a time for "to each his own."

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Day two of spring break here.

Are you suggesting that I should change out of my jammies?

kmkat said...

Sometimes it is hard to see the future fully-developed and productive person when the object in front of you is acting like a lazy slob. But never fear, that ff-d&pp is hiding within. All the rest of your parenting and setting a good example is working behind the scenes.

Heather said...

Sometimes those are the best kind of Spring don't go anywhere and stay in jammies. Sounds wonderful.