Monday, April 13, 2009

E.T. Go Home or Maybe Only Minnesotans Get This Worked Up

The Matron adored this man. Really. She will never forget that dark October day when Senator Wellstone's plane went down. It's one of those 'moments,' like where were you when John Lennon was shot. . . . at least for this woman. She was five months pregnant with Merrick and walking across the kitchen when the radio background noise arced into something urgent. The radio announcer's voice cracked. Still. No confirmation for about an hour. But the plane went down.

As she wept and railed throughout that evening -- at the loss of this incredible, passionate man then seven-year old Stryker put his hands on her belly and predicted: "Mama. Maybe Paul Wellstone will be reborn in our baby's body."

Well. Stryker, that was an effective way to render your mother a complete drippy, helpless emotive wreck. Good job on that one. Please don't replicate the trick any time soon. But she will admit that she looked at her burgeoning belly with a little more depth and hope, after that. What if? (report from the field: Merrick is probably not Wellstone, reincarnated, nor can he read or recognize all of his numbers but he can STILL make the trip down a huge flight of stairs on his belly, wearing footie pajamas).

As if losing Wellstone wasn't trauma enough, an ill-advised funeral turned rally flipped the state's pace and the Matron's next senator was this man.

The Matron is clearly the kind of woman who holds on tight to Tragedy and Injustice, both of which operated in the death of Wellstone and the election of Norm Coleman. While the Matron's political tread is generally a light one (she honestly believes that discussion, dissent, conflict and disagreement are good if well done), in this arena she continues to kick and scream!

Imagine her discontent at the current moment. Waiting for Norm to exit the stage. While the feminist Matron will never truly care for Franken, (she's sorry but there is no such thing as a joke about rape), she is ferverently waiting the end of the Coleman era.

Why? Besides the fact that she disagrees with Coleman on 99.9% of the major issues or that Coleman's victory was only at the expense of another man's life?

Because she continues to be haunted by this article, penned by this man.

If the assessment is true (and she's sort of a taker in that direction), he can't be definitively booted, any faster.

Let's put down the toys and go home, boys. An entire nation nodded and succumbed when the Supreme Court swung and picked our President. Let's obey those same set of rules and end this without appeal.


Allmycke said...

For obvious reasons I'm not up on state politics all over the US, but I just wanted to tell you how much I liked your well-written piece.

BTW - I'm listening to a documentary about John Lennon at the same time. They are just showing the part where they were sitting in bed, naked...
Those were the days...

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Well, I just fell in love with Garrison Keillor all over again. Can a person get any more eloquent than that?

Heather said...

I had my baby in the car on our way to visit Daddy at work when I heard the news of the plane crash. It really was heartbreaking in so many ways. It was snowing in Southern MN too.

I'm so tired of MN being sort of a laughingstock politically.

Amelia Sprout said...

I'd forgotten about the Salon article. Damn I think I'm going to cry.

I just want it to be over. Their stupid bullshit means that we're stuck being under represented. If I had my way, I'd go with someone else entirely at this point.

Tammy said...

I agree, enough is enough already. I hope that when the state supreme court upholds this decision that he won't appeal to the federal level.

I think that Norm's hipocracy is on display for all to see...after all, isn't he the one who called on Franken to concede and said that he would do the same thing if he was in that position?

Oops, sorry Norm, I forgot that there's another standard for you.

Anonymous said...

Norm, remember what you said on election night (or shortly thereafter)? Something about the people have spoken and there is no need to drag this out? So take your pacifier and go home.

Right on, Matron.

another mary said...

Thanks, Mary, for the link to the salon article by Garrison Keillor - he really said it all. I have always felt that Norm is one of the slimiest politicians I've ever seen and though Franken isn't a great choice, it will be good to finally be rid of Norm (let's hope). By the way, shortly after Wellstone's death, we heard Franken speak at the U and he was actually very fond of Wellstone felt as sick as the rest of us to have someone like Norm Coleman win that seat.