Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Success, Thus Far

Merrick's best friend, Lachlan, was over on Sunday. They were talking about being R-I-C-H someday. They're four and five. Rich means all the toys and candy you can buy. Oh, and a motorcycle. And a big house with a room for your pet elephant.

Never one to miss a Quality Parenting Moment, I probe: "Is rich about money or family and love?"

Lachlan answers with speed and absolute self-assurance. "Money."

Aha! Wrong answer! I turn to my guy, all anticipation.

The little darling smiles and says, "Family."

Before maternal pride can even find its footing, he clarifies: "Because when you're rich, you buy a family that's maybe better. And you can buy anything else you want, like guns and cars."

Then, just to make certain I understand that the situation is entirely hopeless, he looks me straight in the eye and says, "Right, Cheese Butt?"


Melanie said...

This is priceless. He's got it all figured out, doesn't he?

Well done, Cheese Butt.

Annie said...

You give them life and then they call you cheese butt.

Mrs. G. said...

A proud mother moment for sure...they don't always take our well intentioned bait, do they? He's just keepin' it real.

Tracy said...

This is great... you/he made my day!

Melissa said...

Too dang funny.

Angie said...

What is it with the obsession of 'who's rich'? My kids lately are always asking me, "are they rich?"

Completely annoying.