Friday, January 4, 2008

I Hate it When I'm Right Sometimes

Blogger doesn't lie: I posted my Huckabee prediction hours before the real deal. I have to admit to being surprised by Barack Obama's lip-smacking tromp over Edwards and Clinton. Wow.

Is America ready for the first African-American president? Possibly. I really hope so.

I think it's interesting, and somewhat counterintuitive, that South American countries are currently experiencing a surge in female leadership whereas--outside of her circle of support--Hilary Clinton is widely reviled. How do President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Argentina) and Michelle Bachelet (Chile) differ from Hilary Clinton?

The two Latin women seem, well Latin. Emotive. Although de Kirchner is the drop dead gorgeous type, both women exude -- dare I say it-- a certain femininity. Clinton seems utterly desexualized, non-feminine.

Of course, we are living up here in the staid northland where constructions of masculinity and femininity play out differently. And I don't know I'd do in the land of Machismo with that advanced (actual) degree in Feminist Studies.

But as I watch gender roles work themselves out with and through my own children's bodies-- my boy who loves guns, the boy who tags blue as too feminine, the 9 year-old girl who tenderly tucks in dolls at night--I am often forced to butt up against my own preconceptions and desires regarding gender and Categorization, all sort.

So I wonder if perhaps Hilary Clinton would do better if we had a definition of femininity that would allow her to be more grounded in that female body (yes! the one with all the scary parts!). Could women reclaim femininity as power? Desire? Strength?

We better get ready for some deep tissue conceptual change regarding race and gender in this country. Or we may have our first ever ordained minister as President. How's that separation of church and state working lately, hmmm?


Aaryn said...

You're rockin' it, woman. Sound pretty hip to me. Loving your blog. Found you through Slow Cook Thursdays over at Mrs. G's. So glad I stopped in.

And PS, I heart Jeff Buckley, Alison Krause and Prince just the same.

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi, found you through Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor and thought I would stop by.
I'm no fan of Huckabee but I hope that people will cast their vote on the issues not on whether its time for a woman to be president, or a black man, or a minister. As far as separation of church and state being an issue, if being a minister or a person of faith threatens separation of church and state then all the candidates are out of the running as all of them profess some type of faith. If the winner must be the most insincere about their faith...then how sincere about anything else are they going to be? You have a very thought provoking and interesting blog, thanks for sharing your views.