Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucus Night Next Door

We have some fabulous friends who live in Brasil and visit regularly. They brought Stryker and Scarlett real crystal balls--as in actual rock from ground. Scarlett's is the pink one.

Photos -- okay, my photos -- don't do these justice. They're dense, complex, gorgeous. But do they work? Hmmmm. I'm gazing, peering, convening . . . . . ooooom, ooooooom.

What I see scares me, very much: the banner "I heart Huckabee" is bobbing and waving, sort of like a bad meal. Burp.

The image from the other team blurs and coughs. Can't quite make it out. But dare I say that I see a teeny tiny white house? This matron is the unabashedly liberal sort, but with a TON of conservative friends. I'm loose that way.


another mary said...

Look again - hopefully a black man is IN that white house??

sh8un said...

You have lots of conservative friends? I may have to re-think our friendship :-)