Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sick of Herself (sorta)

The Matron is experiencing a wee bit of blog ennui. Excuse her while she looks in some cognitive nooks and crannies to see if there's anything interesting behind those cobwebs.

She may even resort to the dreaded horsemen of conversation: taxes, death, religion and politics. Largely because she has much to say about the last two topics (thanks Michele Bachmann, for being from Minnesota) and her own fine self is seeming pretty, well, bland these days.

Plus, having been through the 'don't blog about me' morass with HWCBN, the Matron has come to fully realize that Scarlett -- who is decidedly NOT bland and was sort of born to be the subject of scrutiny and center of attention -- is of an age where the things about which the mother is concerned (or even simple observations) suddenly do not make appropriate blogging material. A little phone call fodder? Fine. But the real stuff? Hands off, Mom.

Hmmmm . . . what's a die-hard blogger (celebrating four years in September) to do? She thinks she's entirely too normal. Perhaps some bad behavior or existential drama is in order; the former will definitely elicit comments.

Bear with her. She may return to Actual Student Emails for awhile, pretend Merrick is much more interesting than he is, or feign some illicit activity about which to blog.

Crossroads or the four year itch. . . sigh.

Yesterday, over two hundred people visited this little-blog-that-could. What would YOU like to read about? Remember, this is a family blog, prime time and all that. Sorry, John.


Common Household Mom said...

Yeah, if the kids are off-limits from bloggability, sometimes it seems there is little else for me.

I like Actual Student Emails. I liked your series on "who will pick this litter up from the floor in our house" but maybe that's too annoying to experience frequently.

How about getting guest bloggers? - that would allow you to take a break. How about stories of your ancestors settling the wild Minnesota prairie? - you could get all Garrison Keillory. Do you have a garden? - tell us about the viscious rabbits or flesh-eating plants you have seen there.

This is not a suggestion, but I just wanted to say that I am insanely and pleasantly jealous of your ability to pull together large groups of children AT YOUR HOUSE for the purpose of putting on entire plays.

Deb said...

I'd echo it will be fun to see the Actual Student Emails. I get my own share, but seeing that I am not alone is very comforting.

I like anything written by you, so I guess I won't be very helpful.

Memarie Lane said...

I'm sorry to say that Actual Student Emails are my absolute favorite.

MJ said...

Pick me! Pick me!! Actual Student Emails posts are amongst my favorites!

I fully understand your reluctance about blogging about Scarlet. My kids/family have been off limits from the outset as topics so it really diminishes the blogging material. But Actual Student Emails will work as an excellent substitute!

Eric Smith said...

Here's something that might distract you - http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/. The Library of Congress has thousands of old newspapers from the 19th and early 20th century. Pick a year and a state and just dive in at random to get immersed in another reality. So much more relaxing than today's.

Jan said...

I have loved reading about your kids, but I can understand that you have to move away from that. Still, since I'm sure I'm not the only one who has fallen in love with them, I hope you'll give us occasional updates about their achievements and words of wisdom.

I think the entries you've written that stay with me the longest have been the ones that examine how your faith and principles inform what you do "in the real world". I think about the woman who asked you for money once when you were overwhelmed with other things. You didn't give it to her immediately, but after thinking about it, you went back to help her. Many times since then, I've thought of that woman and your gift and asked myself if I might be able to give a bit more than I originally think I can.

So - that's the serious response. I'd love student emails too! Who wouldn't?

JFS in IL said...

Even when you think you have nothing to write about...you write it so well! :-) I enjoy your blog and hope you continue it.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I definitely understand the malaise. But stick with it, it keeps your creative juices flowing. And I could always send a few bats your way, if you'd like.

Maybe you could explain to us why the media is paying zero attention to Ron Paul, even though he practically tied Michele Bachmann for first place in Iowa. It's insane.

Anonymous said...

Would love to read more of your book...

Nora said...

I think I like to hear your general opinions on various topics: religion, politics, sociology, feminism, marriage, you name it. I like real student emails too in case that is too much to ask.

MJ said...

I came upon this Gordon Lightfoot song, Black Day in July, that I thought you might be interested in, possibly for one of your classes. Apparently it was banned in the USA when it was released: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPXL3iEVnCM