Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lessons of the Heart

Recently, the Matron learned that her mother is unwell. Heart explorations and surgeries are in store, along with other procedures. The Matron will be traveling to New Jersey to care for her mother as needed.

The failing heart was not lost on the Matron.

Here's how the heart works:

You hold that baby, one minute old and look into the face of eternal love. You're exhausted and spent, but the love means you can sprint the globe.

There's the wedding. Yes, gifts and receptions are good. But those minutes alone with someone who loves you beyond all else?

You're in college and a horrible series of events ensue. You call your best friend (thank you Sherri) and not only does she listen, but she shows up in about an hour to help you move out of your dorm room into a better place. Without asking.

Every tooth your child loses. The Tooth Fairy is love.


The day your 9 year old comes home with a question about what being White, Black or Asian means and wonders if he should feel guilt; he's confused because his family runs the racial gamut. The answer is no to guilt but understand history and current status. Not guilt, but resolution.

Your husband looks at you behind the backs of the arguing children and throws a kiss.

The 75 blood hound puppy throws himself on top of you at 5:30 am. The older dog, now six, is sound asleep.

Elizabeth Taylor. Let's just say she lived love. Good-bye, my dear.

Giving your father's eulogy. Just toss in an extra dollar with your tip and you'll be remembering someone the Matron loved.

Driving 3 hours a day to theaters, baseball, tennis, violin.

The end of the day . . . watching stupid late night TV and talking. Holding hands. Let's just say that 20 years is good. Please -- she knows this is sappy but it's true.

Making sure everyone does homework.

Watering the plants and tending to the garden.

Tucking everyone in at night.

This is the heart. Certainly, there's an organ that pumps blood and the Matron hopes hers -- and her mother's -- works hard for many years. But the heart? As metaphor and meaning in the world?

Watch the face of your child tonight.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and have become an instant fan. This post is truly beautiful, full of heart, and love and observations that teach us all to stop, look and live the love. Thanks.

cndymkr / jean said...

It's still cold here in Northern NJ so bring your warm clothes. I hope your Mom feels better and everything works out quickly.

Shawn said...

Send mom my best and take care of yourself too! Greet the whole family for me.

Anonymous said...

Be well and strong Mary and know we are here. I am actually here in (central NJ- Princeton area) if you need anything... holler! Bramble

Nora said...

Take care, Mary. I'll think good thoughts about you and your Mom and your whole family. Especially about all your hearts.

historygirlie said...

What a perfectly beautiful explanation of the heart and all it can do. Thank you for putting things in perspective for me again.

Minnesota Matron said...

You guys are great! I get so much happiness from comments like this: thank you! I'll be sure to let everyone know when I'll be in NJ. I'm going to South Orange but now complications in her health have delayed the trip. We'll see what happens!

Suburban Correspondent said...

You're heading to my home turf. Enjoy a decent bagel and some fantastic Italian food for me, will you?

Rima said...

This was very lovely, Matron.

Violet said...

Beautiful...and just what I long for.

Anonymous said...

I've just found you too. This post is beautiful. Thank you!