Monday, November 29, 2010

(Pretty) Free at Last

It turns out that the Matron is not cut out for home schooling, especially when 'home schooling' mostly means driving a child somewhere three to seventeen thousand times a day. If she didn't also have a full-time tenure track job, things might be different (so don't condemn her; she gave it a shot).

At least Scarlett read Jane Eyre at 12. This was the Matron's assignment and might sustain her until her dying day.

But today, after one of her recent three shows ended, Scarlett was enrolled in a new school -- an all girl's school (free, a public charter school) that seems like a little bit of heaven to the Matron. Uniforms! Binders! Girls holding hands! Is this England? Nirvana!

But Scarlett? Not so sure.

Scarlett: "MOM! Why do I have to go to school? Can't we hire someone to bring me to New York or L.A. so I can just WORK?"

Matron: "You're 12. That's sort of the end of the conversation."

Scarlett: "Sort of the end of the conversation? What does THAT mean?"

Matron: "A diplomatic way of ending the conversation. Nobody's going to New York or L.A."

Scarlett: "But I'm a working ACTOR. Time is running out!"

Now, the Matron did not ask Scarlett to elaborate on the press of time. But, as the mama to the diva, she's well aware that appearance plays a large part in the path that her daughter has chosen. Not that all actors need to be beautiful, but a young teen? It can't hurt to swing one way or the other and not be in the middle.

Of course, the Matron thinks her daughter, beautiful from the get go. But she's well aware that hers is a biased and completely unreasoned perspective.

Scarlett, as you launch into the next phase -- soon to turn 13 with all that comes with learning to be an adult and saying good-bye to childhood -- this is for you.

And for all of us.


Anonymous said...

I've watched that video before and was awestruck.

Solely based on the photos I've seen here over time, I submit that your daughter is beautiful, with haunting soulful looks. Pretty is superficial --a surface word-- but her eyes make one look deeper than the surface.

Please give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Minnesota Matron said...

Can I love you more? After the traumatic first day at a new school? Let's just say the child did not go easily; she was opting for the boarding pass for New York (where she's going for a month in August to do some theater camp -- that half the cast of Glee went to).

Little do they know how lucky they are. Maybe when she's thirty she'll say thank you.

MJ said...

Your daughter is amazing. "Pretty" would be a trite understatement. The boys are too but we don't tend to describe them in the same context as "pretty".

trash said...

Oh. Such power in those words. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that the model we present to our daughters has set them on the right path.

I watch my girl developing her friendships and finding her place in the BIG world of senior school and cling to the hope that she stays strong to expectations and belief in self that she has been raised with.

I shall be showing my 12yo daughter that video tonight. Thank you Matron.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Aw, crap, now my mascara is running after watching that. KIDDING. Not wearing any. Still tearing though.
Your daughter has SUCH a huge future, I'm so glad you found a way to support it without crushing yourself in the process. That school sounds like a prayer answered, and methinks Scarlett will feel that way soon.