Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Musical Beds

This is what happens nearly every night (and far too late).

Merrick: "Can I sleep in the big bed?"

Scarlett: "Can I sleep in the big bed?"

John: "Can I sleep in my own bed tonight?"

Scarlett: "Can someone sleep with me?"

Merrick: "Daddy, can you lay with me fow awhile?"

The dance begins around 8:30 when Merrick starts his marathon slide into sleep, a slide that always includes one last (long) bathroom trip right when the parents think he's finally tucked in and tuckered out.

Merrick (calling from the dark): "Mama! I have to pee!"

How can you say no?

But before the last minute bathroom trip there is the inevitable negotiation about sleeping in the parental bed, a place more popular than Disneyland in this house. Merrick's lobby sometimes begins at breakfast.

Merrick (over cereal and hot cocoa): "Can I sleep in the big bed tonight?"

Scarlett's lobby is frequently more successful because she, adroitly, selects to win her way into the bed sometime between midnight and 1:00 a.m. Because she's currently getting home at 10:30 pm every night and has to be at another theater by 9:00 am the next morning and not only do the parents worry about her sleep but want their own, she's got the upper hand.

1:15 am

Scarlett: "Mom? Daddy? I can't sleep." Maybe there's a little crying. Always an appeal to 'daddy' instead of 'dad' (sucker!). A slight tilt to the head, doe eyes. "Daddy" is a puddle.

John: "Oh, just come on in . . . you need your sleep."

Scarlett is somehow instantly recovered from whatever trauma she was suffering and falls asleep.

Once, Merrick and Scarlett discussed arm wrestling in order to see who 'won' the coveted 'big bed' position.

HWCBN: "I am SO glad that sleeping in my parent's bed now inspires disgust rather than desire."

Huh, her too, honey.

Maybe if she starts reminding everyone that the 'big bed' was (probably) where everybody was made, it won't be so appealing?


Erin said...

Scarlett knows...the magic word isn't "please" after all. The magic word is "Daddy."

Anonymous said...

My youngest used to sneak in around 2am, but then I couldn't sleep with him there. Now we compromise by having bedtime read-aloud in/on the big bed. He brings a blanket and a few stuffed animals so he has something cozy and warm to go to bed with. (Also, he ha so many stuffed animals that they would be lonely without him! That might be what we told him...)

trash said...

Do you promise to blog photos from when you remind them of the real purpose to the big bed?

Minnesota Matron said...

Trash -- Ha!

Rebekah said...

Ack! My kids are 6 and 3 and HUGE lovers of big-bed crashing. My dream? That by, say, age 7 this is not an issue Any. More.

So much for that....sigh...

Suburban Correspondent said...

No help here - I often end up relocating myself to one of the recently vacated children's beds. They have better mattresses, anyway.

Daisy said...

Snicker. The whole idea that mom and daddy might "do it" now and then would probably put them off to Big Bed forever!

Deb said...

Wait, Daisy, do what?


I like the part about they were "probably" conceived in said bed.

MJ said...

I'm blushing... That's what happens in the big bed?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Of course, this could make it even more appealing to stay put in your bed--no procreating means no more siblings to share attention!
I'm cold-hearted, I offer Mr. G the FLOOR beside the bed. Mr. D lets him in--must be a dad-thing.

StephLove said...

We kicked each of the kids out of our bed when they were about three, but they love to play there in the daytime. In fact, I recently told my mother that part of the reason I never make my bed is that the covers would end up on the floor at least every other day anyway. What's so appealing about a standard-issue queen bed?