Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Marathon Matron

The Matron made a mistake.

Monday and Tuesday, she spent nearly seven hours transporting children, largely due to this:

Scarlett's theater schedule.

5:30 am: Get up and get ready for HWCBN to awake
6:00 am: Offer HWCBN some food and get ready for bus
6:30: Bye! Off he goes to the bus stop!
6:40 am: Frantically try to work
7:45: Wake up Merrick and tend to his needs
8:45: Wake up Scarlett and tend to her needs (considerable)
8:50: Drop off Merrick at school
9:30: Leave home again with Scarlett
10:00: Drop off Scarlett at theatre
1:00: Return to theatre for hour and a half lunch break which requires parental supervision
2:30: Leave theatre and frantically try to work on lap top from nearby coffee shop
3:30: Pick up Merrick
4:30: Pick up HWCBN after debate (why isn't there an after school activity bus?!)
4:50: Deposit boys at home with instructions for homework, walking the 55 lb. 9 month old puppy and picking up his gifts in the backyard.
5:30: Return to theatre to retrieve Scarlett
6:00: Deposit Scarlett at SECOND theatre because her current shows overlap (and never, ever again)
6:30: Arrive home to make dinner
6:40: Order takeout and clean instead
7:00: Bring HWCBN to a friend's house to exchange computer goodies
7:40: Return home and frantically try to work
8:30: Leave to get Scarlett from theatre
9:20: Return home with said child and put everyone to bed, including Merrick who is shell-shocked from the new schedule
10:00: Small lecture from HWCBN and over-scheduling Scarlett and her future failure in school, and therefore, in life.
10:50: Scarlett's psychological collapse because one of her shows requires her to be an 8 year old Chilean girl who speaks only Spanish. So she's not only acting, but acting in a foreign language (those years of elementary school alphabet recitations seemed not to do much).
12:30 am: Exhaustion overtakes psychological collapse and Scarlett finally sleeps
12:45 am: Wine.

That's where she's been. More of the same today!

Thank goodness there's a whole novel to anthologize. . . look for chapter two tomorrow!


*m* said...

Good lord. This sounds like a script from "24." I bet you could kick Jack Bauer's ass.

trash said...

Yep, my money would be on Matroon over Jack Bauer. Is anyone offering odds?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Good grief. I'm praying to God-Oprah-Buddha-Allah for you. Also praying in Spanish for Scarlett, in ASCII for HWCBN, and sending cyber snuggles to Merrick.


Suburban Correspondent said...
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Suburban Correspondent said...

Which productions is Scarlett in? Did I miss a post?

JFS in IL said...

Is there no other parental figure to do some of the running around of offspring? Must it all fall on the Matronly shoulders?

kcinnova said...

Jack Bauer would cringe and whimper in a corner by 5pm.

Lele said...

It seems to me that you seem overly proud of your ability to handle your very busy life. You are aware, I hope, that there a millions of us running around doing pretty much the same thing!

Minnesota Matron said...

Yes indeed, Lele. And all those other people are free to blog about their busy lives too --and take pride in getting it all done!

Daisy said...

A Chilean girl? Wow. Yes, you could most definitely kick Jack Bauer's derriere.

Amy said...

Well you're much busier than me, that's for sure! :) I fear the day when all 3 of mine are school aged and need taxiing to all their activities! Go, girl!

MJ said...

I am just marvelling on how your work schedule can accommodate your chauffeuring schedule!

Minnesota Matron said...

Okay -- Scarlett is Mary-Kate in Afternoon of the Elves at Youth Performance Company in Minneapolis. This show is rehearsing, as is her second show, House of Spirits (adapted from the book) which is at Mixed Blood. When House of Spirits opens, she starts rehearsals as The Little Match Girl in that production at the University of Minnesota's Centennial Showboat -- their big holiday bash.

And MJ -- you know how I can do this? I am incredibly lucky: I work 85% online. I've opted to teach all but one of my classes online, which means I only need to be on campus two mornings a week and for the meeting here and there. Everywhere I go now there's wifi, so I can work while waiting or in between driving. My husband is self-employed and he can do a lot of driving too. Otherwise, we simply could not do this. . . . .

Jason, as himself said...

Yikes. I would be crying like Scarlett every night. And I'm a big boy.