Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She's Just a Girl Who Can't Say No

Which is why -- in addition to the peeing, biting, shedding foster dog, Snappy -- she is getting two foster puppies over the weekend.

Which is why -- Scarlett is busy every day through March first.

Which is why -- Stryker is currently STILL playing Call of Duty.

Which is why -- Merrick has been naked or in footie pajamas 95% of the time since December 22.

Which is why -- when her husband won two free tickets (thanks, Current) to some big bash at the Marriott Hotel downtown Minneapolis to hear Solid Gold, she said 'okey dokey" instead of "I have nothing hip nor recent to wear and who the heck is Solid Gold?"

Which is why --- she gave way too much money to the newspaper carriers in their holiday envelopes (according to her husband) and scurried out in the wee hours to give both the garbage men and recycling workers holiday gift bags.

Which is why -- she is on two search committees at work and spent five hours of her good life buying and packaging snacks for school children.

Which is why she almost always has that second glass of wine.

New Year's Resolution? Putting her foot down more frequently before she turns into the neighborhood "dog lady."


Anonymous said...

You are the woman I aspired to be, before I became tired (but hopefully not jaded).

Anonymous said...

Learning to use those magic letters together - N and O - is my most important accomplishemnt I have made in recent years... That doesn't mean I always remember to use it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, saying NO can be tough. We are currently housing #2 son's gf because she was essentially homeless. Oh, well...

Zan said...

Surely being the dog lady is better than being the cat lady though, right? Small things to be thankful for! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I was just thinking that--dogs are better than cats (barely). Although Catwoman is pretty cool. I rather envy Merrick's life--I'd like to go around naked or wearing footed jammies--but no one else would like it!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Yikes -- although, you'll probably find the search committee work really interesting -- I know I do. Reading the applications on-line sucks -- so, if you have the option of seeing the paper copies, do it.

Cha Cha said...

My mom keeps telling me that "No" is a complete sentence.

It makes me feel better that she can't quite manage to say it, either, but at least we keep reminding each other.

So, dear Matron? "No" is a complete sentence. :)

MJ said...

I concur Zan!

I understand Merrick's infatuation with pjs. If I could wear pjs every day since Dec 22, I likely would too! Lucky kid to have so many pjs!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's okay to say "yes" as long as it's all fun--and it was for me for a long time. When it stops being so, "no" is definitely the right word for the situation.

racheld said...

Matron, Dear,

A little piece in the blog of my dear friend this morning reminded me of you---I know you hold your own calendar of all those exciting events as dear as this.

Best wishes to you all in the bright, busy days of the New Year!!


Anonymous said...

It's the knowing of when to use 'no' that counts. I bet some of those workers only had ONE gift the whole season! You just keep on being you and you will know when 'no' is right. I know this for a fact. xoxo the fan

racheld said...

Matron, Dear,

I was delighted to see your sweet face on my portrait gallery just now---we've been away for the New Year's birthin' and haven't even unpacked.

Thank you for joining in---you know how much I enjoy your posts and admire your talents.

By the way---my secret word is "hanollea"---is that perhaps the domain of Puff the Magic Dragon? I always find magic of one sort or the other when I tune in here.


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