Monday, October 19, 2009

Please, Pass Her the Book Instead!

While on her daily four mile constitutional with Satan's Familiar, the Matron heard this lovely story on public radio -- a tale of poets trying to get their Word, out. Local poet Todd Boss came up with the idea of animating poetry in an attempt to make the genre more popular.

Why, the Matron thought this a wonderful idea! Anything to get prose popping for more people (did she mention she's fond of alliteration?)! Sure, yes -- animated poetry. Poetry coming to the big screen, soon!

She could not wait to get home and see her first animated poem.

Uh. Maybe not so much.

Say it ain't so, Matron! But why did this feel, well, creepy?!! Excuse her while she heads on over to the bookshelf for some old-fashioned ink.

Speaking of which, anyone who has not read Kate Walbert's A Short History of Women is missing THE best book of the year. Perfect. Book.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's not doing it for me.

I really hate the pretentious Levi commercial that are out now and this reminds me of those.

Professor J said...

I think this could work. With better editing (and perhaps a better poem?).

Minnesota Matron said...

And a poet who doesn't have sort of a weird movie star wanna be presence?

Amy said...

Kate Walbert is amazing. I also loved her earlier book, Our Kind.

Daisy said...

Better poem and a better shave - my recommendations, anyway.

jenn said...

Whoa. Big thumbs down on the animated poem. Part of what I love about poetry is the different nuance and interpretation each reader gives. This is more like that early 90's Van Halen video. Too processed.

Thanks for the book rec! I was just casting around for something to read, and that looks like just the ticket.

JCK said...

I think it is powerful to hear a poet read their own words. However, when you add a camera, and it is edited "for drama," it loses much of the effect.

I love to read poetry and hear it in my own head. Yet, I think if poetry can reach more people through different mediums, that can't hurt. We can choose to read. :)