Monday, September 14, 2009

Stage Mother

Flesh eating bacteria has NOT felled the Matron. Her arm is getting better and better. Blame her absence on the daughter: the Matron is spending two days on the set of a commercial shoot. This involves out door trekking and cliffs. And riding in a van with the crew. . . and needing a bathroom. Talking to the dreaded Other Parent.

The Matron herself is never ever the dreaded Other Parent.

She wishes she could abandon Scarlett and not accompany her to the shooting location, conveniently located forty miles out in the middle of the always alarming nature. But if she did this, Scarlett would probably be abducted by aliens or otherwise exploited, and then the newspapers and blogosphere would be all 'what a loser slacker mother.' That's why she's going -- reputation.

Full update tonight, after another audition.

Oh, the commercial? Explore Minnesota - the state department of tourism desperately trying to convince you that anywhere OUTSIDE in Minnesota is fun.

Don't believe them.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary - I know the mosquitoe count goes up as you move out of the metro area, but really, the bobcat count doesn't rise *that* alarmingly (see "man defends geese from bobcat" on KARE11 last night. - or, maybe you shouldn't).

-The 'other Mary's Tom'

Karen ~ said...

Hey, I happen to like outside, I walk in it every day. OK, often just back and forth from my car to the store, but still. But there is air out there, and breeze and sunshine - why just yesterday I was out there and there was water under our boat and everything. Pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

I suspect you encountered nothing more alarming than dragonflies (harmless), the occasional bee or wasp (harmless unless threatened), and mosquitoes (deadly). Where I live, only 75 miles away, we must contend with bears...

Becky said...

I want to hear about the convo with the Other Parent.

And more in general. Cool!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I'm glad to know the Matron has her priorities in order:

1. Reputation
2. Safety of child
3. Healthy arm attached

Carry on!


thefirecat said...

I'm beholding the irony of a daughter of yours being a spokes-Scarlett for The Great Outdoors.

And laughing my ass off at you, honey.

The Green Stone Woman said...

The Great Outdoors can be very alarming, the bugs alone are scary enough to chase me back to the suburbs.