Thursday, August 6, 2009

She Wonders How Many Letters Like This They'll Get

she is wagging her lovely finger! and possibly some other assets

Last Sunday's New York Times Magazine featured Anne Heche as current leading lady, experiencing an upswing. The lovely Heche (post-Celestia for those who remember the Shakespearan Ellen-Break-up) is now starring in a new movie and HBO series Hung.

A co-creator of Hung, Colette Burson commented on how remarkable--miraculous, really --it was to secure Heche for the role on Hung.

Burson: "We auditioned a lot of people. It is incredibly difficult to find beautiful, talented, funny women over 35."

It's okay to gasp here.

Dear Colette:

The post-35 terrain? It is rugged, indeed.

Holly Hunter.

Toni Morrison

Valerie Jarett
beautiful, funny, smart AND on the cover

Arianna Huffington

poet Joan Larkin

Michelle Pfieffer

poet Joyce Sutphen

you know who

Of course the list goes on and on and on and on. The Matron could be lifting photos all night.

The most astounding thing? By the Matron's calculations, Colette Burson is herself the god-awful-eye-stopping-brain-numbing-fear-mongering age of 39.

Colette Burson

Yes indeed. Tough to find beautiful, talented and funny. The Matron wonders what dear Colette sees when she looks in the mirror.

Maybe that's why she --Colette--forgot to include smart in that equation.


Becky said...

Good lord. As a 36 year old, I guess it's time to just go sit out on an ice floe and wait to drift away, since my teeth are too worn down to chew the whale blubber.

Remember that pic of Helen Mirren in her bikini? That woman is 60. HOT!

MJ said...

I hope that Colette is overwhelmed by negative mail. Perhaps you can send this post and comments to her? Having had a glimpse around the gym at the late teens and 20 year olds, it is a confidence booster for me!

witchy said...

If you're looking for funny, smart is redundant. Mostly. They just go hand in hand.
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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Thanks to the Matron for telling it like it is.

smalltownmom said...

And they think they're lucky to get Anne Heche? Sad.

Signed, 49, smart, and proud of it.

(Word verification: phobion. Is there a phobion about smart appropriately aged women?)

Heather said...

This post? Perfection.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...




Age --- FAH!
I love Hung.