Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

This was your first time on stage. Check out that face, moments before curtain. Uh, can we say the opposite of stage fright? Joy!

The Matron thinks the above actually came from your eighth birthday! (Isn't she adorable?!) Your brothers should thank their good lives for your existence. Why? When your Mama was a Youngish Miss and newly pg with your big brother, she decided to find out the baby's gender.

You know what THAT answer was! Look at that boy glare at his Mama! The big red forehead tattoo would be his suction cup marque. The child decide to deform himself before the first day of school. But see how sweetly the daughter is smiling on her first day of first grade!

Way back, when the ultrasound technician innocently told her that her firstborn was to be a boy, Youngish Miss tried hard for repose. She burst into tears. Because she wanted, this!

Not even necessarily Annie --

Or Ramona or Helen or any of the roles or an actor. Sure, Scarlett, the Matron can thank you for some stupendous-can't-beat-em cocktail party lines: "My 11-year old has agents in L.A. and Minneapolis." But she knows that's pretty much smoke on the water.

She's happy you know that, too.

No, your Mama simply wanted a daughter--a girl who would be kind to animals and brothers (sorta related). Your Mama harbored dreams of a reader, a girl with books permanently stashed in the leather pouch she carries everywhere. She wanted to meet a fierce spirit--a girl more fearless and confident than she was when young. Your Mama dreamed of the kind of girl who would, gracefully, set aside her plans for her 11th birthday because another family needed a great big helping hand-- a real emergency -- and suddenly there was a surprise overnight and two tiny tots in the house on the actual bona fide anniversary of your BIRTH and instead of complaining? This daughter would play stuffed animals, tag, and help - - all day.

That's exactly the daughter she got.

Actual Conversation:

Matron: "Scarlett, who would you like to invite to your birthday party?"

Scarlett: "Instead of a party, can we bring toys to sick children in a hospital and then go volunteer at a homeless shelter. Instead of presents, can we buy toys for the sick children and clothes for the kids in homeless shelters?"

Monday, in honor of your birthday -- and the dizzying potential your big beautiful life holds-- your family and the families of four of your friends will be packing food, here, instead of the regular partying.

But your Mama promises there will be cake and candles involved, as well.

Happy Birthday, Scarlett! It's quite a ride.


smalltownmom said...

What a wonderful young woman! Happy Birthday, Scarlett!!!

Michele Renee said...

Here's to breaking the chain of generations above, no matter what the gender of our offspring! Happy B-day to Scarlett!

Amy said...

Wow, she puts a lot of people to shame with her selflessness. Happy birthday to her.

Wenderina said...

So did you birth a daughter or Ghandi reincarnated. I'm awed.

Hay said...

Birthday Scarlett!

MJ said...

Yahoo, Scarlett! Best wishes for the year ahead!

Anonymous said...

That Buddha t-dhirt is perfect for her! Happy birthday, Scarlett. The world is a better place with you in it.

Anonymous said...


I've just read "This is Water." Outside of all worships, it is only in the daily sacrifices made for others, our ability to care for people, that we ever really achieve any degree of purposeful freedom.

I wish Scarlett many more moments of happiness, many more occasions of selfless devotion to others.

Happy birthday, Scarlett!

SUEB0B said...

That is some kid you've got there. Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

Ree said...

Happy Birthday Scarlett! May the role you've always wished for come to you this year.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!