Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why the Matron's Blog Posts Have Been Skimpy

Here is the Matron, driving her daughter home from rehearsal at 9:50 pm on a school night.  Tonight.    

Scarlett:  "Mom?  How's Stryker?   Is he doing all right?"

Matron:  "He's fine.  He had baseball tonight.  Why do you ask?"

Scarlett:  "I haven't seen him since Monday morning."

Matron:  "What!?  You live in the same house and you're ten.  How can that be?"

Scarlett:  "Well, I sleep a little later because of rehearsal and don't get home until after 10."


Scarlett:  "How's Merrick?"

Matron:  "When did you see him last?"

Scarlett:  "Sunday night.  Has he grown?"

This is why the blog is thin.  Don't give up on the Matron.    Stage Mother is staggering toward tech week.


smalltownmom said...

At least she's asking about them.

And has Merrick grown since Sunday. It's entirely possible.

Lynda said...

They DO wear you out!

Karen ~ said...

We can wait!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it--and that's saying a lot--I've been known to have multiple irons in the fire at once myself.

Daisy said...

Hugs to you! And brothers do grow quickly. Rest in the knowledge that she cares enough to ask.

kmkat said...

Tech week! I know what that is, or at least I used to know back when Younger Son was the tech guy at the local semi-professional theater. It means performance time is looming.

I think it is sweet that Scarlett asked about her brothers.

The Gossamer Woman said...

She's a sweetheart for asking. She's a good kid.

Karen ~ said...

WAY fun to brng in the newspaper this morning and there was Scarlett right there on the front page! I feel like a groupie.