Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day Late and Some Body Parts Short

What a day. Typical--and not.

The Matron slept in while John hustled Stryker onto the bus (which Thank Buddha-God-Oprah-Allah) comes to their front door. Sleeping in means she goes on her 4 or 5 mile run at 7 instead of 6. With Satan's Familiar. Here's how Merrick volunteered to be on the blog:

John brings the younger two to school, too. She hops in the van and appreciates the random boot, left in:

St. Paul traffic (not much)

She's here at 8:50

where she gets her first piece of bad news for the day. Last December, the Matron finally fixed the results of a serious fall when she was 10: and knocked out 4 teeth!!! In December, she got new gorgeous caps on the front four. Damn, she looked good.

But last night, when she bit into an apple -- one of those teeth nearly popped right out. Verdict? She needs a tooth extraction--FOUR MONTHS of a retainer and fake tooth - and then an implant. Think trailer park grannies. She can pop a tooth for a few months.

Ugh!!! She was not happy.

Distraction? The dentist is down the block from a monolith she loves and hates. She bought lunch fixings-to enjoy while she still has teeth.

These signs greeted her at home.

She went immediately to work in her home office, grading papers and whatnot, here.

The view from the computer.

Then she went to renew her driver's license. NOT a pretty scene.

But this is. She went back home.

Kissed this 15.5 year old snout.

Took in a view from the third floor.

Marveled that she -- and she alone--made a project out of painting garbage cans. Nobody's trash has more bling.

Cleaned this!

And this

Sigh. . . and this. . . (she has problems this way)

Um . . yes, this too

Took time to make good use of those salad fixins'.

Then, she hustled down to an OB-BYN appointment for the official declaration that her uterus is atop the bladder. She really took this picture while she was getting dressed!!

Not only are the teeth malfunctioning -- the Matron must get a tummy tuck on her uterus. She is officially in need of more reconstruction than the Civil War. Afterward, she remembered that she's making dinner for Merrick's teacher tomorrow night and needed to stop, here.

She also decided it was time for Retail Therapy, here.

This would be the print of the new Gap skirt she bought for $2.49. A lavender wool Banana Republic sweater also made its way into her shopping cart. She spent $29 and bought 8 items.

Then pick up Merrick and Scarlett from school. Plus two friends.

Nobody wanted their actual face on a blog, but Merrick's friend Jack offered that his "brand new really cool messenger bag" should be documented.

Kindergarten homework

After dinner, the Matron put this in the van (and Scarlett)

And drove here for Sound of Music Rehearsal (this would be driving to another STATE)

Here's the hallway where the Matron sat and worked while her daughter pranced about onstage.

Home, late, as in after 9:30.

Scarlett had a bedtime snack while the Matron chatted with Stryker and made her daughter's lunch.

Time Scarlett went to bed. She's 10. Oh, Stage Mother has so much fun.

Here's how she finishes.

After she hits "publish post" she will take her defective body parts (and a wee bit of self-pity for all those surgical moves ahead) to bed.


Lisa Milton said...

I'm sleepy here on the west coast, but I couldn't help but comment because: OW. The tooth thing hurts me, on your behalf.

(You still have Cub Foods...I remember it when.)

justhay said...

I love your cloudy bathroom. And random boot. Every car needs a random boot. Preferably red. You have it all my friend.

smalltownmom said...

I love your trash can. Hope you and your body parts had a good night.

Lynda said...

I really enjoyed the day in your life - great photos!

She She said...

I love your office. And your lawn signs. And your garbage cans. (What a great idea. I'm stealing it.)

Heather said...

Fun post! Mine would be rather boring I think.

Irene said...

See! Life is what you make of it.

thefirecat said...

I HEART YOUR OFFICE. Though I'm not sure I'd get much grading done there. I'd be too busy beholding it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh I love your house and your bling-y cans. What a day, woman!

Mrs. G. said...

What a loooong day. You seem unlike your normal hypchondriacal self regarding impending "procedures"...how much wine did you drink?

Hey, I love all the colors in your house.

M said...

All these women. All these long days. I'm glad yours finished with a touch of 'wine-o'clock'. Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

Becky said...

I am exhausted. Two appointments in one day, and the shopping, AND the cleaning, AND the driving to another state. You need Calgon! And booze.

I'm sorry about your tooth. But I love the cheery view from your desk. And please bring your cleaning problem to my house.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That's too much medical indignity for one day.

I've had my own periodontal issues over the years so I totally feel ya' babe. Hang tough.

Nora Bee said...

What a day! You cleaner-shopper types amaze me.

Sandie in MN said...

Sadly, around here, very few political signs such as yours greet me. I wish I lived across the street from you.

On another note, right after college I took a long term substitute job at JJHill. I still remember it as being a superior school! The classroom I taught in overlooked a liquor store back then, and many of the 12 year olds would take attendence of those entering the store and what time. That's what I love about St. Paul! Alcohol CAN equal education!

Ree said...

Oh boy. Love the signs. They'd disappear in an instant around here.

Daisy said...

I like the hope and fear sign. I woke up one morning and found a second sign for the same candidate. She's the one I support, but I don't know why I need two signs. One for husband, perhaps?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

How in the name of Allah God Buddha Oprah Whomever did I miss this post? Trash bling? The Matron's place as my hero remains safe for all time.