Friday, August 15, 2008

What Rose Kennedy Did Not Do

Friends, today the Matron was lucky enough to Robert Kennedy's heroic and heartbreaking announcement that Martin Luther King had been assassinated. It's worth the click.

She heard this while on her daily run, lost in a world of head phones, strong sun, sweat and the success of other people's children. Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy must have done a thing or two right. Her son was stellar.

That village -- grandparents and mother--who raised Barack Obama? Why, the Matron is liking that end product too!

How about Mary Gates? Her fine hand not only produced the man who created Microsoft (and pretty much everything the Matron is currently touching!), but a man who is now spending most of his time giving money away!!

The Matron was lucky enough to hear Robert Kennedy on the radio because she had fled her house. She escaped into an extra long run and a world of NPR. (yes! she listens to talk radio while jogging AND she listens to the pledge days, too, every single one because she very well may be psychotic after all)

After getting all verklempt over Kennedy, she started down the path of The Success of Other People's Children. This was a long and torturous journey, bumping self-esteem, ego, reality, detachment, and various identities and senses of self (righteous and weary) up and down and back again. The Matron visited the parents of the following people and asked: how great does it feel, how amazing, to have produced a J.K. Rowling, Madam Curie, Susan B. Anthony, Mary Shelley, Tiger Woods, or Michael Phelps?

Why, the Matronly mind even visited the homes of people she knows in real life, and said, "Hot Damn, your kid is genuinely impressive." She thinks she'd feel GOOD.

Then she returned home to Simpsonathon, Day 5. It's become a family event. The only reason Merrick isn't on the couch is that she paid someone to take that child somewhere else, to save him. She hears that he is kicking and screaming to come back.

There have been two overnight events during the Simpsonathon and another planned for tonight. Boys have been in and out of this house like flies. The Matron has ordered pizzas, bought fresh bakery donuts and made one refill run to the grocery store.

Cards, balls, and various weaponry have also appeared to sustain them. Yesterday, during Season 7, Stryker brought out the Rokenbok goodies that John scored for a song at a garage sale.

Lest anyone flirt with delusion (because that's her special job), despite the appearance of this apparatus, touted as THE brain toy for children, Stryker has not been honing his mechanical, creative, or technical skills in anyway.

Indeed--of course---other people's children have been playing with the Rokenbok set.

Because Stryker?

He's watching the Simpsons AND online. Here's what he said to the Matron.

Stryker: "Mom! Can I buy a sword? A Japanese sword called a Katana? I think once the Simpsonathon is over I'll be a ninja. Actually, that might be kind of hard so I'll probably just collect ninja stuff and pretend I did it. Can I have $25?"

Now, that's ambition.

She pauses to consider the person who will find the gene or secure the cure for Parkinson's or Huntingson's Disease, pauses to consider the parent of the man or woman who will be President in 2038. Is there a Simpsonathon taking place in that house?

Season 8.6. One and a half seasons and one movie, to go.

That's just to make her day real special.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If you use my standard of "Am I raising happy people?" you're probably doing a great job!

smalltownmom said...

If he has the determination to stick out this whole marathon, I feel he will be able to do anything he wants to in life!

Angie said...

You seem to be doing a great job, Matron. Three great kids that will definitely do something BIG!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I've been to YouTube. I've seen his work. I have Stryker pegged as the genius who will someday soon make Star Wars episodes 7, 8, and 9. At the moment? He's in the midst of development and pre-production research.

Heather said...

And I have no doubt that people say the same things about you and your kids.

ninsthewriter said...

I came to visit and return the compliment--my Heavens, MM, you sure do blog!

Go, go go Michael Phelps!!!!!!!!!!!

And last night made this ex-phys. ed. teacher and gymnastics coach's heartstrings tug for sure when the USA Girls Gymnastics took medals in the All Around: 1st and 2nd gold and silver! Indeed nice work, Ladies!

JCK said...

What the Matron did. Raise great kids. She needs that tape in her mindset while running. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think I'd like my kids to find what they love and can succeed at in life. By that mark, Stryker is well ahead of mine;)
Seriously, this will be a memory he'll carry his whole life and YOU are making it special for him.

And, a day late, I'm SO WITH YOU on beach volleyball. It's not a sport, it's a totally skin fest--but only when women play it. Even the SWIMMERS have more skin covered. Sheesh.

Jason said...

We all have these proud moments. But I agree with Jenn's comment wholeheartedly.

PicaboMama said...

I actually read a book on raising girls that sang the praises of the Simpsons. Apparently, Lisa Simpson is a fantastic role model. On the downside, the book also recommended that boy children never be permitted to view Bart Simpson's antics (or Homer's for that matter). Hey, at least one of your kids will turn our okay!

*I do far worse damage to my three year old by watching FRIENDS over and over and over again.