Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ski Trip, ll

Despite the climate (Minnesotan) the ski trip was lovely! My friend and I had a two hour conversation over coffee. Thus fortified, we shopped and lunched while the children skied. Nary a matronly toe touched snow.

Plus, we discovered that Scarlett -- who once reported being allergic to weather--can ski!

Due to a disastrous first stab at skiing four years ago, Scarlett was even less enthusiastic than I over the trip. Imagine. Yes, screams and threats flew in all directions (and from all the major players in this drama)--and that was just to get both of us in the car.

After further ado, she was forced onto skis and handed to the poor instructor. I left with my friend, watching Scarlett glower as we walked away. For those of you unfamiliar with Scarlett's amazing powers, the Glower exudes radioactive material and can kill.

When we called to check in at lunch time, Scarlett reported being "happy." This is not a word I associate with my daughter. I demanded Stryker get on the line: "Has she hit her head? Fallen on a pole?"

No, Stryker reports. "Mom, she's a natural."

Turns out that Scarlett hurled her hysteric self down the hill and was hooked, period. The ski instructor thought maybe we should hook her up with permanent lessons. The phrase "natural ability" was uttered.

Well, well. That little apple strayed from the maternal tree this time!

Thanks to all the dear friends who employed prayer, charms and potions to guide me through my foray into nature: I survived!


Jocelyn said...

So, hi! I'm gathering from your comment on my blog that you're a pal of Jim's...I'm glad you stopped by to check out the first part of his L.A. tale. Check back in a few days for his part two.

Your skiing story is, as we say here in the Midwest, a hoot. I look at my 7-year-old on skis this year and realize she's already a better skiier than I'll ever be.


Mary said...

Yes - Jim and I went to graduate school together. Except he went on to have an actual career and I sorta did the SAHM thing and hoped my novel would take off and transport me into something beyond an actual job. That hasn't happened yet so I'm back in the academic trenches. Love your blog!

Melissa said...

What is WITH the natural skiiers? I never got the hang of it and to this day it's a sport I both despise and fear. Glad to hear it worked out for you, though.

Fairlie said...

I didn't realise that the concept of hurling yourself head-first down an icy, slippery slope could actually be put in the same sentence as the word 'natural'.