Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Meatloaf Head

Merrick has a solid swear word vocabulary, thanks to his significantly older siblings, who delight in Illicit Tutelage, all sort.

And regular old profanity just won't do. He's a creative guy, that Merrick. He took with his big brother and sister dished out and added: poopy head, poopy butt, crabby face, frog head, mean butt, meanie face, egg poop.

Wow. Egg poop.

Maybe this stems from his own nickname trauma. When he was a baby and Scarlett was usurped, she declared that she half loved him and half didn't. She also observed that his head looked like a great big hunk of meatloaf!

Whaddya think? Meatloaf Head?

It stuck, even as he was the most adorable child on the planet.

And here's our solution to the swearing. John told Merrick that "Pussycat" and "Frankenberry" were the very worst, most mean things you could ever say. People would drop in their tracks, the horror.

So now when there's a tantrum, he screams, all rage and venom: You Big Fat Pussycat!


Beth said...

Absolutely brilliant solution. Wish I'd thought of it when my guys were younger. (Definitely too late now.)

Who She She said...

Hmmmm.... my kids are all about the poopy head, pooopy butt, too. When does this stage end?

Mary said...

just testing comment moderation switch

Mary said...