Saturday, December 22, 2007

Whenever We Drive By Target, My Child Leans Out the Window and Screams: I Love You, Target!

We're in the van and my guy is in prime form.

Stryker farts the alphabet, burps The Star Spangled Banner. Wisdom bestowed to his four year-old brother? "When you swear, timing is everything." Good thing he had a few juicy examples to spell that out.

He picks up something hard and brown from the floor and offers to eat it for twenty dollars.

At a red light, he opens his window and yells loudly--authentically: "Help! The alien family has me! Call 911!"

At which point, he leans back and says (fondly, disparagingly, wryly), "Somebody disown me, please."

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kalurah said...

your child sounds like my four year old son. He ALREADY has a (weird) sense of humor. We don't get him most of the time, but by golly, it makes perfect sense to him!