Monday, December 10, 2007

Speaking of Fevers . . .

Which I did, one post below and now: we're sick!

Merrick threw up (spectacularly) in the middle of the night. He's watching Sesame Street right now, nursing a fever and a Ginger Brew. I am quite the Walking Antioxidant, pounding vitamin C, Gypsy Cold Care, mangosteen juice, ginger, Rescue Remedy and zinc. I can't tell if all these supplements are keeping my mild cold alive and happy, or staving off something stronger.

Stryker and John has the same muck I do, at the same degree, and haven't touched a pill or herb.

The minute Scarlett heard that Merrick threw up, she said, "My tummy aches," and burst into tears.

She's at school of course. We all know about that tummy.

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