Sunday, December 16, 2007

Friend, Today is Your Birthday

And this poem reminds me of your spirit:


That woman, she said, could rattle a bird
right out of the sky; that man
could spell a row of corn backwards
and forwards. Their children (all ten of them)
could tell you how to add leaf to branch
or divide the sky cloud by cloud.
They were a talented family,
a most gifted group.

And when they wanted a vacation,
they painted a wall full of mountains
and climbed the highest one,
they carved a coastline along the sidewalk
so that they could gaze out to sea
beyond the garage's shore.

They could sing harmony to a song
that was only, just then, being composed.
They believed in things that no one--not
even God--would have asked them to believe.
They knew how to keep stars
shining and they still do.

Joyce Sutphen
Coming Back to the Body
New Rivers Press


Lucky 44 said...

Thank you for sharing this great poem! It is you who paints the skies with your friendship, wit, and intelligence!

Thank you from your friend who is a ripe,lucky, cranky 44 today!

Professor J said...

Hi. I just happened upon your blog, and I wanted to say that I LOVE this poem. Thanks for sharing it.