Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blethic II

For those naughty few who haven't read every last post: blethic, as in blog ethic. Since the phrase is entirely mine, I'm deploying it in all kinds of ways.

Blethic quagmire ahead --

I run into someone, say at the grocery store, and she asks me how I am. Is it okay to refer her to my blog rather than answer directly? Seems so much more efficient-- and all-encompassing, to boot.

But then, what if I refer her to the blog and she laughs (uh-oh) because she is soooo busy that she has no time to read a (ahem, my) blog, for heaven's sake.

Is it okay to remind her that even though I have a job, more children than she does, two dogs, many wild cats, an immaculate house and a fine-looking behind because I take time to exercise, that I am still able to find the time to write (incredibly clever) blog that she doesn't have two minutes a day to read?



sh8un said...

I think you should print business cards and include your blog's URL and hand them out. Why waste your time talking to the imbecils?

Because I Can said...

...hey Mary ... I like you better in person ... your blog's great and all ... but what if we all blogged and expected everybody to read it every day...and nobody was reading anybody's blog because we were all blogging ... oh, I'd just rather see you in person. it's one of the only events that digs me out of cyber space.

Mary said...

Well, I don't like me better in person. But thanks! I'm happy to dig you out of cyberspace as you wander, lost. Google "myriad" or "terrorism" or "afraid" and you will NEVER leave your computer.