Sunday, October 28, 2007


Anyone know some clean and tidy Republicans? We live one hiccup away from the site of next year's Republican National Convention (you know, where the losing candidate will be nominated).

We'd like to rent out our house to some of those out-of-towners. Seriously! We've put one of our well-connected Republican friends in pursuit of the appropriate people. We'd prefer sedate and settled. No Young Republicans or College Republicans. More like clean and tidy --- even bent and shuffling -- people not prone to party.

St Paul home owners are getting 10, 20, and even 30 grand for renting their houses for a week. That kind of windfall would finally send us on that trip to Brazil we've been threatening to take for years.

I know we should be housing the protesters instead but that group couldn't even get us to Duluth.

Call me pragmatic --or more accurately, visionary, except with an eye toward three kids in college rather than some noble cause. I signed up for Google Ad sense today, too.

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