Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Israel Bombs Syria

Got your attention, hmm? And yes, Israel bombed Syria, way back in early September. Here's a line from the reliable British site, Telegraph: "A US official has confirmed that Israeli warplanes carried out an air strike "deep inside" Syria, escalating tensions between the two countries."

I haven't done much legwork on this yet, but here are a couple of links (Telegraph and Reuters) if you're curious:



Now, a friend mentioned this to me at lunch and I just about choked on my tofu. Why wasn't this front page news? I consider myself informed, if not 'well' informed. Instead of music, I jog to MPR--the news station. But I don't remember a thing about this.

Am I alone or did everyone else hear about this story as it broke? Or, are certain news stories invisible to us here in the USA. Oh, is that a rhetorical question?

French philosopher Michel Foucualt asked "why do we ask one question and not the other? Why do we see exhibit A and not exhibit B?" He contends that the piece of information we're missing is the one we really need.

The next time someone quibbles about the 'left wing' media, shall we ask said quibbler if s/he knows the names of the corporations that own the free press?

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